Accelerators and incubators are very popular and vital in today’s startup ecosystem. They play a major role in startup communities through out the world.

Cemre Kalender
Oct 11, 2017 · 9 min read

With mentoring, which is one of the most important services they provide, accelerators and incubators are really necessary for startups to grow up. And Canada is a country in where there are plenty of them. We made a research on key accelerators and incubators in Canada and here is a list of 150 of them.

TOP 20


2) Founder Institute



From idea to product development to commercialization, Velocity provides the knowledge, tools, space and network that startups and entrepreneurs need for success.

The Velocity program includes a student dorm, workspaces in Waterloo region, events, mentor programs and more. More than 215 companies started in the Velocity ecosystem and $550 million invested in Velocity companies to date.

5)DMZ Ryerson

DMZ helps startups since 2010. DMZ startups operate in an environment that cultivates success. From access to investors, target customers, industry-leading experts and community events, its startups have what they need to scale and succeed as global companies. Form Hero and Life Tales are 2 of the DMZ’s startups.


The UTEST Program is part of U of T’s growing ecosystem of incubators and commercialization support services. In partnership with MaRS Innovation and with the financial support of the Connaught Fund, it provides companies with start-up funding, mentoring, business strategy and office space at the Banting Building at the University of Toronto St. George Campus.

7) eSAX

eSAX events are large entrepreneur networking extravaganzas. Held every 3 months, they promote small business and collaboration among regional Chambers of Commerce in Ottawa.

8) Invest Ottawa

Invest Ottawa delivers economic development programs and initiatives that increase entrepreneurial momentum, wealth and jobs in the Cİty of Ottawa and its surrounding region. Its goal is to make Ottawa the most innovative city in Canada.

Invest Ottawa services include startup incubation and mentorship, acceleration for existing companies, global business attraction and local business retention and more.

9) Startup Edmonton

Startup Edmonton is an entrepreneurial community hub. It connects entrepreneurs and product builders with skills, community and workspace to support them as they take ideas to reality. Since 2009, it has brought together entrepreneurs, developers, students, founders, mentors, & investors to transform ideas into some of Canada’s most exciting and successful startup & scaling companies.

10) FounderFuel

FounderFuel pushes companies to refine their vision, expand their network and rapidly accelerate their output. Groove, Playerize and OpenEra are some of the companies that FounderFuel works with.


The Most Effective Way To Manage Startup or Entrepreneur Mentoring Programs :

11) Accelerator Centre

The Accelerator Centre is an award winning startup accelerator/incubator dedicated to building and scaling sustainable, globally competitive technology firms, commercializing advanced research emerging from academic institutions, and enabling corporations to pursue innovative initiatives. It’s accelerator program offers a 2 year, milestone based program and one-on-one mentorship that is proven to help startups grow faster.

12) Launch Academy

Launch Academy is an early-stage tech incubator that provides entrepreneurs with the mentorship, resources, network and environment they need to launch, fund and grow their startups.

Since 2012, Launch Academy has incubated over 500 companies that have collectively raised over $100 million and created more than 1000 jobs. As a nonprofit leader that’s focused on community impact, Launch Academy aims to train and support more than 100,000 entrepreneurs by 2025.

13) Innovacorp

It finds, funds and fosters innovative Nova Scotia start-ups that strive to change the world. Established in 1995 and based in Halifax, Innovacorp is Nova Scotia’s early stage venture capital organization. Target industries include information technology, clean technology, life sciences and ocean technology.

Early stage investment is at the core of our business model. It also gives entrepreneurs access to world class incubation facilities, expert advice and other support to accelerate their companies.

14) IdeaBoost

Ideaboost is a Toronto-based business accelerator and startup community for companies that are building the next generation of technology-based media and entertainment products, services, and brands.

Ideaboost supports innovative companies whose success will produce jobs and contribute to Canada’s place in the global media industry for generations to come. Ideaboost has supported 20 startups, and another 30 companies in its affiliate programs since 2012 when it was launched by the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab.

15) Propel ICT

Propel ICT delivers two Accelerators, Launch and Build. Both are comprised of a 12-week intensive program, beginning with a call for applications and then shortlisted for Selection Camp that competitively chooses companies for entry into the Accelerator.

Launch is a pre-revenue startup accelerator focused on helping companies validate, develop and launch their startup.

The Build Accelerator is a startup accelerator program focused on early revenue startups, those who have progressed beyond the idea phase with initial market traction, and are developing the entrepreneurial skills required to grow the company with a strong emphasis on sales and marketing at scale.

16) Creative Destruction Lab

CDL helps innovators transition from science projects to high-growth companies. It is a seed-stage program. It focuses on the transition phase from pre-seed to seed-stage funding. Thalmic Labs, Nymi, Charge Spot, Pet Bot are some examples of the companies that CDL works with.

17) Highline

Highline is a Canadian based pre-seed vc that supports early stage technology companies that are working hard to bring the future to life. It brings access to a premium network for its founders, helping them benefit from support that spans both of North America’s coasts.

It is a VC-backed company with not only great pre-seed investment track record, but also a proven method to effectively connect relevant startups to Fortune 500 strategic roadmaps.

18) The Venture Center

The Venture Center takes a decidedly pro-business approach to entrepreneurism. It connects powerful ideas to viability, creating real jobs and boosting the knowledge-based economy in Arkansas. In the first three years, its member companies have created more than 445 jobs, generated $28 million in revenue and have raised a combined $39 million in capital.

19) Next Canada

It provides its most promising innovators and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create impact. Mentorship. Founder Development. Capital. Incredible Network. Aquova, Orello, Mahini are examples of its ventures.

20) Wavefront

For Startup Founders who need help commercializing their wireless technology innovations, Wavefront provides formalized business training, dedicated mentorship, engineering services and partnership opportunities. Its programs include our Venture Acceleration Program, National Entrepreneurship Program, RevUp for early stage and scaling up Startups, and its Global Market Entry Program for export ready companies (Small-Medium Enterprises).

And here is the alphabetic list:

1) Accelerate Okanagan

2) Accelerator Center

3) Alacrity

4) Anges Quebec

5) Artscape

6) B4Change Social Venture

7) BC Innovation Council

8) Bienterprise Corporation

9) Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

10) Biomedical Commercialization Canada Inc

11) Biomedical Zone

12) Blueline Bioscience

13) BrightSpark Ventures

14) Brunswick Business Incubator

15) Business Development Center

16) Business Link

17) CEED

18) Canada’s Music Incubator

19) Canadian Innovation Centre

20) Capital Investment Networks

21) Centech

22) Centech ETS

23) Centre d’enterprises et d’innovation de Montreal

24) Cleantech North

25) Cobalt Connects

26) Community Innovation Lab

27) CoralCea

28) Cossette

29) Creative Destruction Lab

30) Defi3737

31) Digital Nova Scotia

32) Discovery Foundation

33) Discovery Parks

34) District3 Innovation

35) Driven Accelerator Group

36) Emergence

37) Empowered Startups

38) Execution Labs

39) Expansion Quebec

40) Extreme Accelerator

41) Extreme Venture Partners

42) Flow Ventures

43) Food Starter

44) Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Center

45) Founder Institute

46) FounderFuel

47) Founders Canada

48) Futurpreneur Canada

49) Gangplank

50) Generator at One

51) Genesis Centre

52) Genesis Inc

53) Genesys Venture Inc

54) Grit Ventures

55) GrowLab

56) Haliburton Creative Business Incubator

57) Highline

58) HumberLaunch

59) Ideaboost

60) Imagination Catalys OCADU

61) Impact8

62) Incubateur J

63) Incubes Investor Network

64) Inno Centre

65) InnoCite

66) Innovacorp

67) Innovacorp Tech Innovation Centre

68) Innovate Calgary

69) Innovate Manitoba

70) Innovate Niagara

71) Innovation Factory

72) Innovation PEI

73) Innovation York

74) Institute B

75) Interface Health

76) Invest Ottawa


78) Kinetic Cafe


80) Latam Hub Toronto

81) Launch Academy

82) Launch180 Accelerator

83) Launchpad PEI

84) Legal Innovation Zone

85) MaRS

86) MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund

87) Manitoba Technology Accelerator

88) Mantella Venture Partners

89) McMaster Innovation Park

90) Montreal New Tech

91) Montreal Technopark

92) Multiplicity TO

93) New Ventures BC

94) Next Canada

95) Northern Alberta Business Incubator

96) Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre

97) Notman House

98) Okanagan Research and Innovation Center

99) Oneeleven

100) Ontario Centers of Excellence

101) Open Sky Incubator

102) Planet Hatch

103) Pond-Deshpande Centre

104) PowerHaus Application

105) Propel ICT

106) Pycap Accelerator

107) Research Innovation Commercialization Centre

108) Rogers Ventures

109) Round 13 Capital

110) Ryerson Digital Media Zone

111) Ryerson Futures

112) SheEO

113) Small Business Accelerator Program

114) Smart Virtual Incubation Winnipeg

115) Spark Center

116) Spring Vancouver

117) Sproutbox

118) Start up Zone PEI

119) Startup Canada

120) Startup Edmonton

121) Startup Fredericton

122) Startup Ottawa

123) Startup Zone

124) TEC Edmonton

125) Tandem Lauch

126) Tech Alliance

127) Techstars

128) The Code Factory

129) The Collective 12 | 12

130) The Company Lab

131) The Generator

132) The Launch Pad

133) The Next Founders

134) The Peer Project

135) The Scaleup Project

136) The Venture Center

137) Toronto Business Development Center

138) University of Toronto-Impact Center

139) Velocity Waterloo

140) Venn Innovation

141) Viatec

142) Volta

143) Wavefront Vancouver

144) Wetech Alliance

145) X-1 Accelerator

146) York Entrepreneurship Development Institute Accelerator

147) Zone Startups Calgary

148) eSAX

149) iBoost Zone

150) uTEST

Resarcher : Cemre Kalender

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Mentornity Blog

Mentoring and coaching system for incubators, companies, alumni networks, organisations.

Cemre Kalender

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Business Development Team Member @Mentornity

Mentornity Blog

Mentoring and coaching system for incubators, companies, alumni networks, organisations.

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