Mentornity provides significant solutions to mentors, entrepreneurs and managements to have productive, evaluable and easily managable mentoring activities in co-working spaces.

Organizing mentoring meetings, developing communication between mentors and mentees, tracking and evaluation of the meetings can be easily done with Mentornity system.

Let’s see how to do it step by step with Mentornity :

1. First a private Mentornity domain is created for the co-working space. Menus and running styles can be customised for the program.

2. Administration invites people whom can be joined via email.

3. System sends the guests an invitation page which informs them about the corporation and the program rules.

4. Users fill their profiles by the roles administration specifies them.

Entrepreneurs also create their own start up pages and add their team mates.

5. Mentors add to system their avaliable times, and their preference to where and how to meet.

When mentors add their avaliable dates, an e-mail notification is sent to their follower mentees/startups. Also they get listed in the “avaliable mentors” page by their professions.
*this method is for “selective model”. With start-up center’s preferance “matching model” can be used instead of “selective model”.

6. Mentoring meetings can be held in a place or online.

Through their meeting pages,mentors and entrepreneurs can take notes and ask questions to each other before and after meetings. They can also take confidential notes in order to share private information or to notify the menagement.

By this means mentor and the start up team completes introduction and question asking in advance, and have a more productive meeting.

7. Meetings are held, notes are taken, mentors add their avaliable dates and start-ups get appointments. Thus the process continues and the program administration can follow the progresses through a feed.

8. With the statistics page, informations can be obtained; such as like which mentor met with which startup, for how many times, when, and if it got cancelled why.

These informations can be filtered through mentors’s professions and startups.

9. In mentor and start-up profiles, meeting notes and notifications can be seen.

With the nine steps above managing, matching, meeting organization, communication, evaluation and reporting needs in an mentoring/coaching program can be fulfilled with Mentornity.

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