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MeowSwap is partnering with deFIRE!

MeowSwap is on fire! Just days after partnering with CardWallet and MatrixSwap we have arranged another key partnership that will ensure MeowSwap is the leader of the Cardano DeFi revolution!

The new partner is as the title claims — deFIRE, a DEX aggregator that will route, we are sure, an enormous amount of trades to our cutting-edge Decentralized Exchange.

The deFIRE technology functions in such a way that it gauges the exchange rates of all partnered DEX’s via a price oracle, and then provides the trader with the best exchange rate by relaying the exchange order to a specific DEX.

This is great news for users of MeowSwap, especially for those that intend to liquidity mine, as they can expect a serious inflow of trades being routed to MeowSwap — by the deFIRE liquidity engine!

So far the deployment of deFIRE’s revolutionary technology has been delayed by the current state of most DEX projects and the Alonzo HFC event. But now, with the arrival of MeowSwap — deFIRE will be able to demonstrate its full potential!

About deFIRE

deFIRE is the “Hub for Optimal Onchain Execution”. In essence, they are the go-to place to find the best prices for any assets trading on Cardano DEX’s. This is realized by utilizing a combination of smart contracts and a price oracle that monitors exchange rates on all DEX’s.

Their system actively aggregates all DEX’s within the Cardano ecosystem to find the best prices for their users. The deFIRE system is powered by the $CWAP token which is utilized to reward users and institution routing.

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