May the force be with you!

Star Wars

I absolutely love the Star Wars main theme music by John Williams, it’s just so catchy isn’t it?! Star Wars is an American film series created by George Lucas. As you all know the franchise represents a galaxy described as “far far away” and portrays an adventure and battles between good and evil, and mostly revolves around Darth Vader. Finally, Star Wars-The Force Awakens amazing trailer 2015 has been released and there will be a few more that will follow in the coming years. It has been confirmed that the Star Wars Episode Vll: The Force Awakens plot is set 30 years after the battle of Endor and the events portrayed in Return of the Jedi. To pull this off successfully and realistically,Episode Vll would need to factor in the age of the actual actors and that’s exactly what’s being done (cinemablend).

Here is the Star Wars trailer and the music theme you can watch.

Sources: @cinemablend @Wikipedia

Written by: Tahsima Zahan

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