Don’t miss on NFT giveaway on Unicrypt — only until April 11!

In our previous post, we told you about the amazing MerchDAO NFT giveaway, where you can win 3 gorgeous paintings. One of them is up for grabs for all those who stake MRCH-ETH LP tokens in our brand-new farming pool on Unicrypt before April 11. Confused? Then read the post.

Soon, these three wonderful crypto-themed paintings will find their new owners (spot the Bitcoin icon on each painting!)

Note that these are physical artworks, painted on canvas with real paint. Don’t worry about the shipping costs, though: if you win, we’ll send it to you for free, no matter where you live.

Every painting is accompanied by an NFT, so that you’ll be able to sell it on an NFT marketplace in the future if you need money (though these works are so lovely and unique, we’re sure you’ll want to keep them).

NFT link:

This makes our #merchdrop giveaway for LP stakers really special: it combines both NFTs and DeFi! So many project teams are talking about bringing decentralized finance and NFTs together, but MerchDAO is one of the few actually doing it!

Now that you see that the prize is worth the effort, let’ move on to the giveaway rules.

Step 1: deposit at least 300 MRCH on Uniswap

You’ll need to be an active liquidity provider to be eligible for the giveaway. The minimum amount is 300 MRCH plus an equivalent amount of ETH (as of the time of writing it’s about 0.39 ETH). If you already have the required amount of liquidity in our MRCH-ETH pool, great. If you don’t, it’s a great occasion to buy some MRCH! You can do it here.

Step 2. stake the LP tokens on Unicrypt

As a liquidity provider, you’ll get LP tokens from Uniswap to verify that you’ve deposited funds in the pool. These need to be staked in our new yield farming pool on UniCrypt:

UniCrypt is a trending DeFi platform that offers farming as a service. It brings together liquidity pools on different AMMs (including Uniswap) and lets you lock liquidity and farm different tokens.

We’ve created a new MRCH LP farming pool on UniCrypt exclusively for the giveaway. It’s a limited-time pool, and you absolutely have to join before 00:00 UTC on April 11.

If you’ve done farming before, you’ll have no problems with UniCrypto. Connect your MetaMask wallet, deposit UNI v2 MRCH-ETH LP tokens — and you’re done. Of course, you’ll also earn farming rewards in MRCH.

Step 3: wait for the #merchdrop NFT giveaway results!

The deadline for the giveaway is block number 12405619. The next day after this block height is reached, we’ll use a randomizer to determine the winner. Then we’ll contact you directly and send the painting to the address you give us. Once again, the shipping will be free no matter where you live.

If you have any questions about the #merchdrop NFT giveaway, we’ll be happy to answer in the official MerchDAO Telegram chat. We’d also like to hear your thoughts about merging NFT and DeFi!

Join us:

Telegram group:
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MerchDAO is a blockchain-based marketplace for limited-edition and unique items.

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