MerchDAO roadmap for April and May 2021: full speed ahead

Our private token sale round was a great success, and now we can finally go back to what we love most — development. The merchandise store, staking, liquidity mining, governance — all of this is coming in the next two months, so hold tight!

In our previous post, we told you that MerchDAO is like four different products rolled into one. Here they are:

- Online store where you can buy limited-edition merchandise at special prices, both for crypto and for fiat;

- Staking app where you can lock up MRCH tokens to earn rewards and access to exclusive merch not available in the store;

- LP (liquidity provider token) staking: provide liquidity for the MRCH trading pools on Uniswap, lock the resulting LP tokens and earn even more rewards;

- Governance: propose new merchandise designs, vote on the designs of others and decide what should be produced and sold on MerchDAO.

Now that we’ve refreshed on the features, let’s see when all this awesomeness will become operational, in a rough chronological order.

Private MRCH sale: completed and oversubscribed

Coding is great, but a startup also needs money. Luckily, we didn’t have any problems with that: our private token sale was over almost as soon as it began! In fact, the private round was oversubscribed by a factor of five: we could have sold five times as many tokens if we wished. But of course, our tokenomics doesn’t allow that, because we needed to leave enough MRCH for your, our community.

Anyway, now that the private sale is successfully closed, we have enough funds to focus on development and promotion.

The roadmap for the next two months

LP staking: shortly after IDO (Initial DEX Offering, in simple terms, Uniswap listing)

The code for the LP staking module is ready, we just have to roll it out. We’ve also made sure that our liquidity mining model is sustainable and doesn’t lead to token hyperinflation (that constant pain with DeFi projects).

Staking app + exclusive merch store: 1 week after the IDO (Initial DEX Offering)

This first version of the MerchDAO store will be available to those who hold MRCH tokens. You’ll be able to stake and buy a limited range of merchandise. We already have agreements with manufacturers, so the first batches of items like iPhone cases and t-shirts won’t take long to print and ship.

The store will initially be launched on the Ethereum testnet. After a week of community testing, we will launch it on the mainnet. That will most probably happen some time in April 2021.

Regular e-Commerce store: April 2021

Once we’re sure that staking and purchasing stuff with crypto works, we’ll launch the general store for the general public, with a fiat gateway and all. We will also work on expanding the merchandise range to fill the store. You can already submit your designs, by the way — if we like them, we’ll turn them into merchandise (and you’ll get a lot of free publicity and community respect).

Governance: late May 2021

In just a couple of months, all MRCH token holders will be able to start voting on merch and submitting their designs. That’s when our limited-edition merchandise store will begin transforming into a real DAO.

This roadmap may seem very compressed — we are literally rolling out all the main modules in just two months. But we’ve been working hard on the code for months, so a lot of the work is already completed. We’ll have many more updates in the coming weeks, so join our official Telegram chat and be the first to learn the news!

Please, join us:

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MerchDAO is a blockchain-based marketplace for limited-edition and unique items.

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