The first limited NFT collection by MerchDAO is going on sale — get your merch now

MerchDAO is very excited to present our very first collection on Rarible: only 100 items, each accompanied by an NFT. Shipping is free! You’ll be surprised to learn what these items are — read the post!

MerchDAO offers unique and limited-edition merchandise designed by the community. You’ll be able to propose your own designs and vote on the proposals of others, while we will take care of the printing and shipment. Think t-shirts, iPhone cases, hoodies, mugs, and so forth.

As our first-ever collection (you could even call it a beta test collection), we’ve designed these cool and fun socks:

Don’t laugh: it’s very easy to buy crypto-themed streetwear and phone accessories, but have you seen many crypto socks? Besides, we’ve only made 100 pairs, so you’ll be getting a very rare product at a very fair price.

Every pair of socks is accompanied by an NFT to verify its authenticity. You’ll also be able to re-sell them later on any NFT marketplace. To buy your exclusive pair, visit the MerchDAO account on Rarible;

Once you’ve completed the purchase, contact the MerchDAO team by filling the form and provide your address. We will ship the item 3 to 5 days after we receive the form.

We are very excited to launch one of the first campaigns that blend NFTs, DeFi, and real merchandise. If the socks are sold out before you manage to buy them, don’t worry — we are already planning the next collection.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about buying NFTs on Rarible, socks shipping, etc., don’t hesitate to ask them in the official MerchDAO Telegram chat. See you soon on Rarible!

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MerchDAO is a blockchain-based marketplace for limited-edition and unique items.

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Limited-edition items designed by you and for you! The first marketplace where you make all the decisions.

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