Exclusive Preview | Merculet Product Demo (Alpha)

By Jerry Gao

The Mission of Merculet

Positioned as Chief Growth Officer for global entrepreneurs, Merculet is dedicated to helping Internet companies embrace token-based operations with technology. Merculet rebuilds the relationship between Internet companies and Internet users, provides mechanisms for companies and users to polish products together, and also promotes the value circulation between companies. Merculet restructures the value circulation system of the Internet and will implement the distributed commerce at a grand scale.

The Purpose of this Article

This article today is to provide readers with a brief idea of the user experience of Merculet product, and, for an Internet company, it is quite easy to embrace token-based operations together with Merculet. Since the system is still under development, some screenshots and video clips in this article are presented based on the product prototypes.

Notice: This is not the entire solution that Merculet will provide, but an early access of the Merculet Version 1.0. For the early access version, currently, some customers are doing real code docking (the function is complete, but part of the process has no automatic interface support).

A Review of Merculet’s Architecture

Being a Out-of-the-box integrated growth solution, Merculet consists more than just blockchains; it also includes all the protocols, templates and reference practices that enable Internet companies to implement token-based operations quickly. One of the most critical design principles of Merculet is unattended operation, which means Merculet handles all the complicated architectures while companies can promptly realize tokenized operations without obtaining any blockchain knowledge.

The above diagram is the multi-tier architecture with multi-chain and multi-asset. Our CTO Shenjun Zhang has explained this structure in detail in a previous article:


Here is the responsibility of each tier:

Tier 3, Off Chain, is for Merculet SAAS solution: in the future, when we open up the interface of Internet Asset Tier, third-party platforms or apps that are adapted will reside in this tier. This is the access solution to hundreds of millions of Internet companies and Internet users. This tier can reach a TPS of more than 100,000/s.
Tier 2, Permissioned Chain, the Internet Asset Tier: this tier is in charge of the generation of UAT and UAV — (a) the circulation of UAT within a company’s ecological closed loop; (b) the execution of smart contracts customized by our partners. According to the specific situations of different nodes, the TPS is around 300–1000/s.
Tier 1, Public Chain, the Native Asset Tier: this tier is in charge of anchoring and circulation of UAT for the cryptocurrency, no matter the cryptocurrency is the public ledger facing MVP token, or other tokens that Merculet’s partners will issue on the public blockchain in the future. Currently, the tokens were released based on Ethereum ERC20, and the TPS depends on the TPS of other public blockchains.

This article mainly describes the user experience on tier 3, the solution tier for Merculet SAAS solution.

Typical Docking Process

A typical docking process for companies are described below:

  1. Register a company account
  2. Associate company APP, integrate SDK/API, and event buried point
  3. Create a corporate event repository and set up assessment standard for User Attention Value
  4. Create User Attention Token to reward valuable user behaviors
  5. Manage tokens’ rights by managing User Attention Wallet
  6. Provide users with a richer user experience through the Token application market

Detailed Docking Process

Step1: Register/Log-in/Verification

Companies can simply complete the registration, SDK download and access documents according to our the guide in user handbook; and we also provide developer with forums, FAQs and other ways to help companies to access. Any company that is technologically mature can complete all code integration within an hour.

Step 2: Associate applications, complete SDK integration, and package

Log in SAAS system, set up an APP and choose H5/APP version * wallet and application market, and insert SDK and event buried point according to the selected type of access document; Merculet provides mainstream buried event recommendation according to APP classification as a reference to developers.

  • In addition to providing independent wallets and application market APPs, Merculet also offers H5 versions that can be embedded with the SDK. Companies can form closed loops within their APPs;

Step3: UAV rule engine

By checking the key associated with the event list provided by the system, the company can create itsunique event library in the SAAS system. When the system event cannot meet the monitoring target of the company, the company can also create a custom event and track.

By adding events and setting the event types, attributes, parameters and other values, it is very convenient to put together the UAV rules of the company. UAV rules not only assess the real-time daily operations and periodic evaluation of corporate marketing activities, but also the appraisal of targeting conditions (for some users’ behaviors), and are very flexible to use.
 When the UAV rule engine is running, apart from the anti-cheat engine at the system level, the possibility of cheating can be further eliminated by setting the issuance rules when the rule engine is created.

Based on Merculet’s experience of serving enterprise customers in the past three years, the UAV rule engine has stored a large number of UAV industry templates for companies to select. Take the friend-invitation template as an example:”user A successfully invites user B, and B retains and continues to be active for more than three days, then they both will get X and Y rewards, respectively.”

By having these pre-set templates, a company can set up UAV rules by merely selecting templates.

Merculet aims at building a brand-new relationship in between companies and users. UAV represents the contribution users madefor the companies, and it is not restricted to interactions online, some off-line activities like helping companies with product customization and sending advice on products should be rewarded as well. The future version of Merculet product will be properly designed on how to reward off-line activities.

Setp4: Set up company’s UAV

UAT, User Attention Token, represents the credential that companies use to contribute to users (and partners). UAT can be set up and issued conveniently through several online clicks. Companies can set up UAT successfully by creating names of their UAT and setting dimensions such as the conversion ratio with their marketing budget, circulation volume and etc.

Companies simply fill in data about different aspects of current APP operations and set operation goals and milestones, after these, the system will provide a range for circulation volume and conversion ratio.

Step5: Set up rules about obtaining UAT with UAV

After the initial set up of UAT, the next step is to build the rule for obtaining UAT with UAV. The standard practice of issuing UAT is base on UAV value. Merculet provides two mechanisms: fixed ratio and dynamic ratio. Compared to the fixed ratio, dynamic ratio offers a more flexible setting for actual operation; Besides, companies could set the ceiling for UAT issuance and the real-time issuance to satisfy all companies’ needs for token-based operations. All the setting mentioned above could be adjusted anytime, it could ensure the comprehensive control and monitoring for the need of companies.

Step6: Access to the application market and determine UAT consumption scenarios

Here comes the final step of he setup — setting up the user’s benefit exit. In the application market of Merculet, a large number of activity templates are provided, such as raise a pet, large turntables, airdrops, etc. These templates can support one single company or multiple companies organizing joint activities, can satisfy both the consumable and the held scenarios. In addition to the application scenarios developed and provided by Merculet, applications can also be accessed freely through open platforms, which means more scenarios will be available. Diversified scenario access will truly benefit all mobile Internet users with different advantages Utility Token provided.

Companies only need three simple set-ups to be online:

  1. Set up of the reward pool
  2. Fill in data about the activity rules
  3. Use default UI template or replace with custom UI directly

After the above six steps, the company’s app will complete the closed loop from the UAV assessment to the tokenized operation. When the C-end users completes valueable behaviors on the company’s app, they can log in their Merculet wallets to manage their digital asset and view transaction details.

Next Step

In the entire product design process, it has always been our core goal to help the numerous mobile Internet users and companies to quickly enter into the tokenized circulation scenario. Previously, Ivan (CEO of Merculet) mentioned our three-step goal in an open letter to the community, and this product release is to complete the first step to lead users and companies to this brand-new blockchain era.


We will commit to expanding more online and offline circulation scenarios for companies and users. With the completion of the scenario and the restructure of online traffic structure, in the next stage, we will put our emphasis on open platforms — serving different areas of the entire ecosystem, including content, data and application open platforms.

Only with the help of open platforms, can we open the door to this brand-new era and build distributed commerce together.

Besides, Our Github data base has been set up; we will keep updating to let everyone following our project process, welcome to follow us: https://github.com/merculet

We are convinced that more people will realize the importance of blockchain technology, which will serve the entire society in a more efficient way. We also welcome more people to join us to innovate in this new era. If you like Merculet and believe what we are doing, please don’t hesitate to connect us at: contact@merculet.io.

Official Website: http://bit.ly/2Go0g60
Telegram: http://bit.ly/2uz0G8h
Twitter: http://bit.ly/2HTLEeW
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2uCNM9f
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2DLb0JA
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