Merculet first Hackathon workshop

On November 3rd, Merculet has successfully ended its first Hackathon workshop.

The Open Platform* is of one of Merculet’s three product lines that will soon be released. For this reason, Merculet held this hacking workshop to primarily test and collectively acquire opinions before its official release to provide a better experience for developers.

*Open Platform is an integral key of the Merculet ecosystem. Through the Open Platform, the cohesion for enterprises, users and developers, equity providers, ISV service providers, etc. can be effectively linked to integrate an instant link between requirements, applications and solutions, in order to achieve a complete and rich the ecology of certification operation. While the Open Platform is gradually expanding its capability map, it will also launch the Eco-Partner Program, that supports high-quality developers and service providers. Consequently, the program will provide more comprehensive and better services for enterprises and developers.

This Hackathon workshop has adapted an invitation system, which a total of five groups were invited for participation. Throughout the coding process, a series of code (Java/Go/Python/PHP/Node.js) were involved. All the developers have completed their product functions and interfaces docking within 3–4 hours.

With the efforts of the contestants, several excellent works were born, namely

  • Birdy game
    Team Tianyuan

High completion and quality, starting from design to code. All included ideal interactivity.

  • Earth Defender
    Team A’luo Cat

This is a project completed by an external game developer, which quickly docked to the Open Platform-related interface, in order to implement the docking of the user and the token.

  • Payment via QR Code Red Envelope
    Team Wake Forest

This is a basic generic component that enables the circulation of tokens from online to offline in a variety of scenes. This component can also be quickly reused in the actual process of each purpose.

  • Grand Turntable
    Team Happy Sheep

The developers of this project have accumulated many years of experience in the development of user operations tools. Although the work is just a big turntable, it also proves that the current user operation tools can be quickly docked with the Open Platform.

  • Blackhole Cloud
    Operation and Maintenance Solider

As the Engineer of Operation and Maintenance acted solo, he completed the docking of the Open Platform and the establishment of the Small Program within three hours.

This Hackathon workshop proved that the Merculet Open Platform has the following characteristics:

1. The vast majority of developmental languages were suitable for developing applications on the Open Platform;
2. Plug-ins that have been formerly developed can be smoothly connected to the Open Platform after being modified by a simple API interface.
3. Development direction is more extensive, from general applications to marketing plug-ins, and then directly to the game.

Upon concluding based on on-site voting, we selected the winning teams.

№1 Team A’luo Cat-Earth Defender

№2 Team Wake Forest-Payment via QR Code Red Envelope

№3 Team Operation and Maintenance Solider-Blackhole Cloud

Here comes the highlight!

Recently, with the hit of Once Upon a Bite( 风味人间), Hairy crab by Harvest Crab Village owned by Merculet customers has become an online explosion that everyone is scrambling for!

The winner of the Hackathon workshop will gain a box of Golden Crab by Harvest Crab Village from Merculet! At the same time, all contestants who attended the Hackathon Workshop Day will have a good chance of tasting this famous Hairy Crab! The Product Manager was serving as our waiter —

Onlookers on the sidelines had no choice but to stare at the engineers and programmers eating crabs.

At the scene of the competition, one team of developers raised the need for deep collaboration with Merculet. Developers also pointed out various existing problematic areas of the open platform throughout the course of the game. Merculet will be gradually optimized for the Open Platform after the recovery of views. At the same moment, we will also provide corresponding support to the award-winning developers who have been entitled the priority to enter the platform.

Here, I have heard that Merculet will not only continue to hold similar Hackathon workshops, prizes will become more and more in abundance. If you’re interested in it, please contact us via to sign up for our next Hackathon.