Merculet, the Leader of Blockchain Technology, Claims the Offshore Incubator of New Silicon Valley as Home for Its Headquarter in North America


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May 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Regarding cooperation in the Blockchain realm, the two parties have reached a consensus after in-depth discussions and has agreed to share its resources with each other for mutual benefits.

May 3rd, 2018, U.S. local time — Ivan Jiang, CEO of Merculet, a rising star in Blockchain realm, visited the Offshore Incubator of New Silicon Valley with his team members and senior executives. The Chairman, Dr Zengdi Cui, greeted Ivan and his delegation with a warm welcome. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions over cooperation opportunities in the field of Blockchain and jointly announced that Merculet would station in the Offshore Incubator of New Silicon Valley. Both parties are committed to building a platform to share resources and achieve a win-win situation. The announcement marks another milestone of the strategic development of Merculet’s Blockchain business after the founding of Merculet Japan.

Merculet is a Singaporean Blockchain service provider that positions itself as the Chief Growth Officer to serve the entrepreneurs worldwide, providing Internet companies with turn-key solutions to tokenize operation. Even in the absence of prior knowledge and coding of the blockchain, companies can start their token-based operations within one day with merely a few parameter configurations required. Moreover, through trusted Blockchain system, each company can be linked and integrated with its peers in the same Blockchain ecosystem to achieve the redistribution of the value-driven economy.

Merculet announced its plan in March this year, and it has been developing by leaps and bounds since then, attracting attention across the entire industry. Merculet launched its products on the 11th of May, one and a half months ahead of schedule. So far, it has already attracted many companies that are about to be connected within the Merculet SaaS platform. In the next phase, Merculet will initiate “Believers Project” and “Great Navigation Project”. The establishment of Merculet headquarter in North America will not only lay a sound foundation for the two plans but also expand business and clients within the region.

Merculet utilizes high-tech talents resources of the Silicon Valley and plans to build an R&D centre in the Valley to welcome more prestigious Blockchain talents. Additionally, the Incubator of New Silicon Valley will release its great potential through cooperating with Merculet in areas such as exchange of talents and information, resource sharing, financing, and making a presence on the global stage, and thereby accelerating Merculet’s market penetration in North America and international markets. The two parties will join hands to cultivate Fintech in North America and to build “the U.S. — North America — the World” development pattern, to contribute to the growth of Blockchain technology.

Introduction of the Offshore Incubator of New Silicon Valley

The Offshore Incubator of New Silicon Valley is founded by Silicon Valley International. Located in the Bay Area, the Incubator is a platform for investment, incubation, and communication. It is oriented towards cutting-edge global technologies and focusing on low-carbon technology, Artificial Intelligence, smart healthcare, and education. The platform also facilitates real-time interactions between China and the U.S.

The Offshore Incubator of New Silicon Valley is equipped with modern and multifunctional offices and conference centres and can provide professional services of various kinds. The primary aim of the incubator is to become the first destination in the Silicon Valley for Chinese business leaders, investors, and government officials. It also positions itself as a preferred cluster for American entrepreneurs, investors, technology experts, and business people. The Offshore Incubator of New Silicon Valley will endeavor to provide service to business partners from both China and the U.S.

About Merculet

Merculet is poised to be the Chief Growth Officer for global entrepreneurs. It provides a turn-key solution that allows clients to embrace token-based operation without knowing much details about blockchain technology. It endeavors to join hands with companies and users to achieve better products and to form new relations of production.

As the gate to the Internet of Value towards millions of internet enterprises, billions of Internet users, and hundreds of billions of dollars, Merculet aims to cooperate with strategic partners around the world to restructure internet traffic and to ultimately achieve the landing of distributed business model.

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The Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneur.

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The Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneur.

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