The 13th of Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Update: 27th of Oct 2018 – 9th of Nov 2018


In the past two weeks, Merculet has been invited to participate in various blockchain forums, which not only marketed our brand, but also enabled more prospects and the general audience to deeply recognize the energy of Merculet.

At the same time, the primary version of Simplet’s Super Node Marketing Model was launched, the Harvested Crab Garden as the first user have been officially launched online with grateful results.

In addition, in order to test and collect opinions on the Open Platform that will be released soon, Merculet held the first hackathon workshop. This hackathon workshop proved that Merculet is an opening platform, it is suitable for most development languages, the developed plug-ins can also be accessed through simple operations

I. Bi-weekly Headline

  1. Is the BOSS appearing in the Telegram Group?

Recently, “Always Flying Boss” finally reduced the number of flights agender and found the way back to Telegram. In the spare time of long-lasting meetings, he appeared in the community. He also shared the recent progress of Merculet and the opinion of the blockchain field. Many community members also put forward their own ideas about the development of Merculet and had a heated discussion with the Boss.

We have recorded the suggestions from the community members, and more community-oriented activities are also being prepared. Please wait patiently~

2. Recently, continuous entrepreneur Li Zhi joined Merculet as the General Manager of China.

With more than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, Li Zhi has participated in the first batch of SNS Websites, Youth Apartments and founding teams of Experiential Marketing Platforms. In 2017, he founded the One-stop e-commerce ecosystem service platform and also received angel investment. Li Zhi said that he believes Merculet has enabled the blockchain to truly empower enterprises and created the blockchain 3.0 era. Acquiring various business models with rich project management experience, Li Zhi will provide entrepreneurs with more professional advice on blockchain transformation. More about Li Zhi’s introduction, please click:

II. Community Activities

  1. Hangzhou Blockchain Closed Meeting On the afternoon of October 28th, Merculet was invited to participate in Hangzhou Blockchain Closed Meeting.

The guests were from different industries, including traditional enterprises, the Internet, e-commerce platforms, and blockchains. The Boss and hosts shared their experiences, and many other talents also shared their ideas. They explored how the blockchain can empower enterprises from different industrial and realized the use of blockchain technology to truly help corporate.

2. Merculet First Hacking Workshop One of the three product lines-the open platform is about to be released.

For this reason, on November 3rd, Merculet held the first hackathon workshop to test and collect opinions before the official launch of the Open Platform, in order to provide better user experience. This hackathon workshop adopts an invitation system. In the entire coding process, five languages were involved, and all developers complete the product function and interface docking within 3–4 hours.

At the competition site, one of the team’s developers put forward the need to deep cooperation with Merculet. After we receive comments and suggestions from developers on the open platform, we will continue to optimize the open platform.

For more details of the game site, please see from its original post.

3. Merculet Participates in the 5th World Internet Forum was held in Wuzhen as scheduled.

The theme of this conference is “To Create a Digital World of Mutual Trust and Common Governance — Jointly Build a Community of Cyberspace Destiny.” Merculet was invited by the European and American Chamber of Commerce and Industry to participate in this worldwide annual Internet event.

At the meeting, Merculet’s international spokesperson Brother Dao and the general manager of SME business line, Brother Leo, introduced Merculet will help the growth in company’s business operations. Many guests agreed with Merculet’s business model and expressed strong intentions for cooperation.

Through this conference, Merculet and representatives of the Internet industry from all over the world seek consensus in the collision, seek cooperation in consensus, and create a win-win in cooperation. Our handsome Brother Dao is also being interviewed by the media!

III. Interesting News

The editor likes to stay in the office the night before the new version of the product goes live — the overtime colleagues must have a lot of snacks! In the first client version of Simplet, I sited in the office and found… Everyone is working hard and don’t look at me!

Also! No! Snacks! Will the colleagues not be hungry? Can coffee fill their stomachs?!

The editor heard that this version uses the junior version of the Simplet Super Node Marketing Model. Angel users passed 100 people’s internal test, UV breaks thousands, and the first-time purchase conversion rate is 10%. The product manager was quite satisfied with these results and sent several red envelopes to the developers.

Thanks to the hard work of the first-line research and development collogue. I hope that everyone will continue to work hard, update and improve the product~

IV. Product Development Progress

GaaS Platform

a. The Overall Process and Configuration Adjustment Reduce all lengthy operations and pages, making the overall process simple and easy to operate, greatly improving the user experience. We made the following changes:

  • Consolidate streamlined navigation;
  • Removed the Simplet module configuration;
  • Adjust the interaction of the Simplet visualization configuration;
  • The process of creating Simplet is merged into the application;

b. Task Module We have planned a complete membership growth system for merchants using Simplet, and the task modules in this issue are online. The merchant can complete the task and reward setting through the simple configuration of the visual interface. The C-end user can see the tasks posted by the merchant in the Simplet client and the webpage and earn the pass-through incentive by guiding the completion of the task.

c. The Power Module After several rounds of user research, we optimized the online power module. From the calculation of a number of UAV rules to support the creation of multiple calculation rules, each calculation rule corresponds to multiple UAVs. This upgraded power module will be applicable to a wider range of scenarios.


a. The primary version of the Super Node marketing model was launched, and the Harvest Crab Garden as an angel user has been officially launched online;

The Super Node marketing model is designed to help companies, through blockchain technology, to record user behavior data more transparently and realistically, as a standard, to find the smallest core customer base, and to achieve higher precision through the design and operation of the certificate. Deep cultivation, resulting in high-speed data growth.

b. The new version of the mini-program red envelope is completed and enters the internal test. The display module that adds the future value of the package: In the process of using the mini program, the user will have a clearer understanding of the token value.

Open Platform

a. Upgrading payment interface of the open platform, the upgrade of the authorized interface is completed;
b. Open platform official website and management background official version V1.0 is developing; 
c. Complete online registration and offline sign-in functions for an industry association; 
d. Hold the first hacking workshop, and join the platform support for the winning works, and optimize the platform-related interface performance according to the participants’ development feedback.

V. The Progress of Technology Update

In the last two weeks, the technical staff were enjoying Developer Day. Are you still immersed in the atmosphere of joy? Let me show you the daily life of their work:

The technical department is sleeping less, and has acquired the following skills in the past two weeks -

1. Simplet app supports password auto fill on iOS.
2. Use gRPC between internal services.
3. Openflatform support multi-channel user authentication, such as Wechat, Telegram and Simplet.
4. Developer can build operation plugin via Api on Openplatform.