What‘s the Future looking like for 350k KOLs and its 2 Billion Fans?

There exists a cash transferring gap between fans and KOLs.

With the help of robust development of Internet mediums such as social media, video, and live broadcast platforms, it’s comes to no surprise that more and more content creators have appeared in the public’s field of vision. These content creators have gradually become KOLs by continuously creating high-quality, original content. As far as the figures are concerned, it was reported that original content created by KOLs are more valuable than content by movie stars, and their high-quality content is more disseminative. Unsurprisingly, with a great majority of people following KOLs, these influencers have a very high impact on the decisions processes on the majority of Internet users.

However, Internet mediums have monopolized the access in internet traffic. KOLs who have accumulated large base of loyal fans and followers do not necessarily get the same benefits as these Internet mediums. Take for instance when Michelle Phan, one of the leading fashion Blogger on YouTube, made a makeup video. Unknowingly, the products she used in her videos, she built up a makeup brand from the ground up. As a result, fans who saw her videos directly bought the cosmetics that caused frequent out of stock. Her fans have given the makeup brand with profitable benefits, but Michelle Phan only received a petty amount of advertising.

It is reported that 95% of content creators are not making money. On the one hand, although some KOLs are glamorous and their generated content leads to high-click rates on the advertisements. But, in fact, most of the earnings behind these advertisements are captured by the platforms. Many people are insisting on a creation that is depended on their products. On the other hand, KOLs can’t withdraw from the platform. Without a platform, KOLs will not be able to establish long-term effective interaction with their fans, nor can they effectively manage and operate their communities. This has always left a gap between KOLs and fans and has also left KOLs without the opportunity to break through bottlenecks and embarrassments.

We have to help KOLs find a breakthrough opportunity.

Recently, Merculet, as the Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneur, officially announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation with BOOSTO, the first decentralized distributed application store in Silicon Valley, which transforms business models of traditional monopolies by incorporating Blockchain. The freedom of content creators is now provided with support that enables them to derive their rights and benefits from Blockchain and build a “decentralized” distributed content ecosystem. In the future, content creators can solve the bottlenecks of being squeezed by the platform through Blockchain technology, thereby obtaining reasonable income and gaining their own creative copyrights.

BOOSTO, started in Silicon Valley, mobilizes itself with the world’s largest KOL search engine SocialBook, covering 350,000 KOLs and 2 billion fans, and cooperating with more than 5,000 corporate customers. BOOSTO has built a platform that connects KOLs, developers, social platforms and branded companies. KOLs can issue their own crystals on the BOOSTO platform and distribute throughout the entire ecosystem. This requires a basic technology solution that can be quickly landed.

Merculet provides out-of-the-box technical Blockchain integrations that meets the urgent expansions of BOOSTO. Any organization or individual can use the Merculet platform solution to turn users into partners and build an ecosystem to achieve compliance and legal growth within 24 hours. Based on the foundations of Merculet, BOOSTO will collect information and contribution data from fans within various platforms for KOLs. KOLs, in turn, will convert user contribution data into crystals. These crystals will be given back to the fans. At the same time, these crystals serve to establish an interconnected and interactive channel for KOL and fans, which serve to help KOLs aggregate it fans and build community. Furthermore, the developers in the Merculet ecosystem will also provide a variety of fan operations and management tools for KOLs on the BOOSTO platform to help KOLs and fans to be connect more closely and form a centripetal force.

Merculet’s collaboration with BOOSTO will subvert people’s perceptions — with BOOSTO, content creators can create personalized storefronts, and all the rights of the store will belong to the owner himself. This is the use of blockchain to build a new market system. At the same time, BOOSTO will also appropriate brands to the right creators through intelligent recommendation of Big Data. Nowadays, not only middlemen will weaken its grip on profits, but importantly content creators will be determined as the ownership of digital assets through Blockchain technology and authenticate the “original content”. Every user in the future BOOSTO store will enjoy the “authentic low price” without commercial mediums in between, not only KOL can acquire considerable profits, but also can fans can share more benefits.

The future is already awakened.

What does the future world look like in your imagination? Does it include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data? We all have owned these. But what really matters is that to create a more comfortable experience for people’s lives, the value created ca be comfortably reflected.

Merculet and BOOSTO have joined forces to promote “Returning Rights to Content Creators”. This is the birth of a new era, providing global content creators with crystal-based operation based on Blockchain technology, changing the traditional model of attracting fans into valuable content — helping content creators and fans removing the monopolized access of platform and to release crystals based on MRC-511 (Merculet’s original blockchain protocol). The future of mobilizing the expansion of fans to enhance their influences and extend their voices will expand the value of distribution scenario and provide content entrepreneurs their business profitability.

The collaboration between Merculet and BOOSTO gives KOL and developers the power and freedom. At the same time, we’re also welcoming more developers with core R&D capabilities to join us, being combined to build an ecosystem, achieve efficient user growth, improve industry development and share value.