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Mercurity.Finance Bi-weekly Report (4/10–4/23)

Welcome to the Mercurity.Finance Biweekly Report for April 10th — April 23rd! Following is an overview Mercurity.Finance progress in the last two weeks.

Rewards distribution

Prizes for the Easter Egg Contest:

At 23:59 (EDT) April 10th, the “Easter Egg Contest” launched by the Mercurity community ended and the rewards for the winners were distributed on April 13th.

New liquidity pool “ROC-USDC-MEE” has launched with rewards

To celebrate the launch of Roxe’s eco-coin, ROC, on Mercurity.Finance and the addition of the “ROC-USDC-MEE” liquidity pool (60x pool, 60x MEE reward), the Mercurity APAC community launched a reward campaign on April 7–8 to for reposting information on social media. The rewards for the winners were distributed on April 12.


On April 15th, Kevin, the key developer of Mercurity.Finance, and John, the head of MOBOX China, had a dialogue on “BTC’s historic highs, and NFT’s unlimited possibilities.” The conversation focused on recent market performance, NFTs, progress of Mercurity and MOBOX projects, and information on how to participate in those projects.

Official website upgrade

On April 16th, Mercurity.Finance’s new UI was launched. The upgraded page is fresher, with a new ‘countdown’ button for the launch of the insurance agreement, and includes improved product adaptability.

Global Volunteer Recruitment

Mercurity is looking for global volunteers and interested users can sign up by clicking here.

Industry Insights

Click here for Mercurity.Finance Industry Insights

Project Planning

The tech team is developing a BSC cross-chain bridge that is expected to be completed in two weeks (week of 5/10–5/14). Through the cross-chain bridge, users will be able to convert MEEs between the Ethereum and BSC blockchains.




The Mercurity Open DeFi Platform is designed to enable anyone to create and operate a liquidity pool fund, develop innovative DApps, and to serve as the infrastructure for a programmable fund where each pool in a DEX will aim to have an unprecedented autonomy and governance.

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