Fresh Integrations: Quickbooks and Plaid now include Mercury⚡️

Jun 24 · 2 min read

As they say in many cultures, April showers, May flowers, June integrations.

We’ve been asked quite a bit for easy access between Mercury and other popular apps that startups use. We’re happy to let you know that Mercury is now integrated with Quickbooks Online and Plaid to make running your business just a little bit easier.

Quickbooks Online

If you’ve been manually importing your Mercury transaction data to your Quickbooks account, you can stop doing that. You can now connect your Mercury Account to Quickbooks to automatically sync transaction data between the two.

Special thanks to Alexey, a very special member of our engineering team, for his hard work, and also to his counterparts at Intuit for being extremely helpful in getting this live quickly.


Plaid enables companies that need access to your financial data, like Gusto, TransferWise, and American Express, to verify and communicate with your bank account. They’ve added us as a supported bank, meaning you can now connect your Mercury account to other business tools that use Plaid to link to banks.

Other tools using Plaid include Wave, Bench, Upwork,, and many more. You can even use Plaid to send money between two different Mercury accounts. We’re planning on making this a native feature soon, but till then, you can give Plaid a try.

What’s next?

We’re building more connections to other popular business tools. We haven’t forgotten you, Xero users.

We’re also planning on improving our current integrations. Be sure to give the new Plaid and Quickbooks integrations a try, and let us know if there is anything we might be missing or how they could better fit your needs.

Oh, and we’re hiring. You could be the next Alexey. ✨

Mercury HQ

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