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Hello, me Vivek here hoping that all of you are fine and doing well. We are not the same, some like to cry, some like to face and some like to die. We people sometimes don’t understand others and sometimes they don’t. Everyone is not the same, they do have a lot of differences but we are absent minded people who never respect others view.

Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash

Everyone is different and have their own point of view. We sometimes know most of the time we don’t understand others feeling and it becomes difficult for them to build further relationship with us. Then how to understand others feelings and even think in their point of view? You might have seen this in many places that if once someone believes something strongly they never tend to believe others or hear what they are willing to convey. First of all have a habit of hearing everyone’s opinion and keep calm, never believe anything completely and you will be easily able to choose the correct path.

Actually, today’s topic is completely different. It was about what we see. I was really shocked and was like OMG what the hell because it was such an amazing thing and was one of the most unexpected thing. I was on leave to school and was out somewhere when my cousin told me something which blew my mind.

Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash

First he asked me “which color are you able to see in the sky” I told blue. Then he told oohh your blue may be my pink, I was like what, what are you blabbering? He then explained deeply. We all don’t see the same color my red can be your blue and your blue many be my black. But how are we able to identify everything correctly, here’s where the twist is. We’ve learnt that this is blue, this is red, this is this. So, we are able to identify the same color if asked. But that color may be a other color for me and my blue may be something else for him.

That’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed. Comment down your thoughts and thank you all for 300 followers, means a lot. Thank you all for reading, clapping, commenting, sharing, following and subscribing. Meet you all in the next blog, be safe and take care till then peace out (:




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