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Hello I am your author, Vivek.K.P. Today I am here to share about a beautiful region in Karnataka and I am proud to say that I am from that place. It’s one of the best places I’ve ever seen. So, beautiful and greenery is everywhere. It is none other than the Malenadu region in Karnataka.(In Kannada its often referred as Malnad)Male means rain in Kannada and Nadu refers to land. It lies on the western ghats of India. It is mostly rainy half of the year and is best known for it’s places like Huikal.

mullayanagiri peak, photo from the internet
Huikal falls, photo from the internet.


Agumbe, photo from the internet


Talacauvery, photo from the internet


Unchalli falls, photo from the internet


Photo from the internet.

Sagara etc..

Kedareshwara temple, photo from the internet.

Many Kannada movies has been shot in these places. World’s second highest waterfall Jog falls is the most famous tourist destination in this region

Jog falls, photo from the internet

Malenadu is also famous for areca nuts and coffee plantations

Areca nut plantation, photo from internet.
Photo from the internet.

Malendau’s coffee is one of the best filter coffee’s in south India. Most of the population speaks kannada(normal kannada and havyaka kannada)and some even speak konkani and hindi.50% of India’s areca nut comes form here. It’s very cold in the winters and not so hot in the summers. It has many famous waterfalls, mountains, forests etc.. It’s so rainy that landslides and property damage is common everywhere. People here like to grow many types of plants in their backyard mailny hibiscus, jasmin and other flowering plants for god’s decoration.

Some famous temples of Malenadu are as listed below
Mahadeshwara Betta.



Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple.





Kolluru etc..

Photo by the author.

If you are planning to visit Karnataka make sure that you cover all these places. It gives you a satisfaction and you will be able to experience something new and more over it gives you peace. It’s not so famous but I do recommend you people to visit such vast and beautiful. In other words it’s nature’s gift.

Thank you



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