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Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and doing well. This blog is different so be careful (: . Our exams were going on and we had got holidays for 5 days because of some important festivals and we don’t celebrate it.

The first day me and my friends played the whole day and I was too tired so I slept. Suddenly my parents told me about the trip, I was so surprised and the same question which everyone asks, where are we going? They told “We’ve planned a trip to Maldives. I was speechless and was too happy. It was just a matter of second, everything was ready but me and my brother dint even know anything. We had to reach the airport by morning 5:30 and we reached there before an hour and everything was ready, we were all set for the take off. It was boring as usual.

photo by the author.

Landed somewhere, it was sunny. We were staying in some unknown resort near a beach. I don’t remember what and all I did but enjoyed a lot, we had very little time left for our plane to arrive and we were once again ready for the take off. It was almost 7:00AM in the morning and my smallest cousin woke me up, it was such a funny moment because everything I saw was just a dream. I couldn’t believe that something like this also could come in my dreams, but but but hello dear reader delated April fools. It’s not a dream, I thought of making you all fools, sorry.

That’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed and comment down your thoughts. Thank you reading, following, subscribing, clapping, sharing and commenting. Be safe and take care, meet you all in the next blog, till then peace out!!! (:




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