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Mercuryo and Doppelgangers: Be Aware, Stay Aware

Not so secret key to the safety of your funds.

Phishing is a very unsettling activity for every business owner. However, sometimes you have to deal with (supposedly) ‘unintentional doppelgangers’ who may sound or look very similar to your company. Too many names and designs have been used already, so staying one hundred percent unique is almost impossible.

If you care about your brand’s image, you probably monitor everything people say about it (and if you don’t, you should). However, once a copycat comes along, you’ll most likely know it right away.

Here’s our story.

The Evil Twin

It all started a few years ago. A trading broker with a website’s name almost identical to Mercuryo has been accused of scamming its users. It wasn’t long before it backfired, and our team has received its share of negativity and doubts. Although their .co and domains are no longer active, users sometimes confuse them with us.

Despite the fact that our company is neither a broker nor trading service provider, relation to the finance field has caused confusion. A questionable business strategy of Mercuryo’s doppelganger hasn’t seriously affected our company. Working in the strictly regulated field obliges us to stay transparent and comply with the law in multiple jurisdictions, ruling out any foul play.

Ah, and don’t forget to check if they use HTTPS or not!

Ever since we’ve come across our first not-so-fortunate doppelganger, we’re not putting our guard down. Neither should you. Always double-check what site you’re using for any financial transactions. Oh, and one more thing. Trading and investing is a risky business, so the least you can do is use a reputable broker with a good track record.

Many Faces of Mercury(o)

Besides, a few well-established businesses also have something in common with Mercuryo. Apart from the planet, chemical, and god of trade, is a Silicon Valley-based platform that builds banking for startups. Although it does sound a lot like us, Mercuryo and Mercury are two completely different entities.

Strangely enough — the god of trade must have something to do with it — that’s not the only fintech company that has chosen Mercury as their brand name. Mercury Financials is another US platform that aims to expand financial inclusion and better credit solutions with the help of technology.

New Zealand has Mercury Finance. Although a little less ambitious (in terms of the global financial revolution), this local company helps boaters with credits getting them on the water sooner.

The name seems to be quite popular with other industries. Mercury Insurance, Mercury Systems, Mercury Engineering are just a few of our doppelgangers. You probably won’t ever mistake them for a cryptopowered fintech payment solution, but we thought they deserve an honourable mention.

Like-Minded Design

Now, how about we move on from name similarities to brand design? If you’re a part of Crypto Twitter and have been following a few major exchanges, including Gemini, you’ve probably noticed that their catchy, edgy illustrations in your timeline.

Don’t they look kind of familiar? Well, believe us not, we are sometimes asked if Mercuryo and Gemini are the same company!

But no, we neither share the design department nor accuse anyone of being a look-alike. Jokes aside, it’s a linear illustration, and we don’t claim it. Let’s just agree that a few crypto companies find it very appealing.

Final Thoughts

It’s tough to live at the age when everything worthy has already been invented. that future generations will have a hard time getting a decent-looking email address. No wonder that good brand names and design styles keep repeating each other. And that’s okay, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone’s reputation. Just keep on double-checking what you type into your browser’s address bar.

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