Consumer Token Q&A

Mercury Protocol
Jul 30, 2018 · 5 min read
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Did you change GMT?

How do you justify the bait and switch?

Were you purposefully cryptic during your token sale? Why didn’t you more clearly state your intentions?

Can I trade GMT on a secondary exchange?

Are you going to give refunds to people who misunderstood your terms?

Will there be a marketplace where tokens can be purchased or redeemed by consumers and developers?

How do you define “pegged” price? Why peg it?

Would you consider pricing it against ETH or BTC or some other crypto?

How will you maintain a price peg? There are known ways of attempting a price peg in the cryptocurrency world, like creating an algorithmic central bank that adjusts supply based on demand, and a collateralized debt approach. Are you using one of these approaches, or something else?

Why are you so against decentralization? Isn’t that the whole point of crypto?

How are you going to deal with people who bought GMT in a secondary market?

Do you have a plan for how you will keep things off exchanges given this is an ERC20 token and any DEX can add it?

So what can we expect from you going forward? What’s the plan?


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