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How To Prepare Your Account For The NEW Dust Release

There’s a NEW Dust coming in January 2019, but you need to take action to get onboard.


We are preparing to launch a new version of Dust that will have best-in-class technology to ensure storageless, end-to-end encryption across the entire platform. We’ve taken in all the feedback from our passionate user base and implemented state-of-the-art technology to deliver The World’s Most Secure Messenger.

The new version of Dust releasing in January 2019 is a new and improved version of what you see today. The most popular messaging features (encryption, delete on demand, screenshot protection) will stay, but the look and feel is streamlined for private, secure messaging. One of the big changes we made to the NEW Dust is we’re moving to a newer technology stack for our backend that makes private messaging more secure than ever! Our brand new back-end and front-end was built from the ground up, using the latest architecture and infrastructure patterns, which provide high reliability and performance. Furthermore, we’re focusing our efforts on the core messaging functionality to ensure your privacy is always secure on Dust.

If you’re a current Dust user, it’s time to claim your ticket to transfer your account information to the latest and greatest version of Dust. If you want to preserve your account, please follow these instructions as we prepare to transition to the NEW Dust coming in January 2019.

Please note that no GMT Rewards will be distributed during the migration process. Rewards will resume after the NEW Dust has launched.

  • Username
  • Profile photos
  • Bio / Website
  • Dust Friends (People you have added to your Contacts)
  • GMT balance (to, see Phase 3 below)

Phase 1: Open Dust

1. Launch the Dust app on your phone

2. Wait for the in-app pop that asks you to Verify your phone number to keep your username and contacts.

3. In case you disabled the pop-up message, click the blue banner at the top of the messages tab to begin.

Phase 2: Verify Phone Number

Your phone number is needed as a secure way to login. Your number is never shared with other users.

1. Enter your phone number and confirm your country code. Next, click Verify, to receive a verification text.

2. Shortly after, you will receive a verification code via SMS that expires 30 seconds after receiving it. Enter the six digit code and click Verify to continue.

3. You should see a confirmation message which means your account is reserved and ready to migrate when the NEW Dust app is released!

4. If you have created a Dust-GMT wallet and have some GMT rewards you wish to migrate to the NEW Dust, please follow the instructions in Phase 3.

Phase 3: How To Transfer GMT (optional)

Perxy is our new redemption portal for GMT Rewards. Initially, you will only be able to use Perxy to view your current account balance, but we’ll be adding redemption options in the near future so remember to check back in!

1. Go to and create an account

2. Check your email for a verification email from the Perxy team (make sure it didn’t end up in your spam). Click the link in the email to verify your account. If you don’t receive an email after 10 minutes, you can resend the email from your account dashboard.

3. In your account dashboard, scroll down to the “My Apps” section, and click the “Connect Dust” button. Make sure you’ve completed Phases 1 & 2 above, successfully before connecting Dust. The phone number you verified in Phase 2 is used to connect Dust to Perxy.

Please note you cannot link your Dust account if you did not previously enable GMT rewards in the app.

4. Login to Dust via the web portal with the same username and password you would use to login on your phone.

5. Click “enable” to link your Dust GMT balance to the Perxy web portal.

6. Voila! Your Dust GMT balance is now visible in the Perxy web portal!

Importance of Migrating to The NEW Dust

If you are a current/legacy Dust user you must follow the steps laid out in this article to confirm that you want to maintain your account details in the migration process. We don’t want any Dust users to feel like they did not have ample time or notice to migrate their account so you will be able to claim your ticket to transfer your account from now until the NEW Dust app is released in January 2019. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Learn more about Dust migration on our website.



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