How to Participate in the Global Messaging Token Launch


  • The individual cap and gas price limit have been lifted as of block 4,431,101.
  • To participate just send ETH to the GMT contract: 0xb3Bd49E28f8F832b8d1E246106991e546c323502
  • Recommended gas limit ~200,000

Token launch details

  • The token launch starts on Wed October 25th at block number 4,427,945(~9:45 AM PDT (UTC -7)). You can check block numbers here
  • Token exchange rate is 7,000 GMT per 1 ETH
  • Total public cap of $20 million USD for 50% of the 1 billion token supply
  • Total $4 million USD (100 million tokens) reserved for accredited individuals and institutions
  • There is an individual cap limit until block number 4,431,102 (~5:00 PM PDT (UTC -7)). More details in the next section below.
  • The token sale ends once either the hard cap of $20 million or block number 4,617,363 (~ 30 days) is reached
  • Minimum cap of 100 million tokens (10%, ~$4 million USD) must be sold to be considered a successful sale. If we don’t reach the minimum cap after ~30 days, all ETH will be returned to registered participants holding a GMT balance.
  • If we reach the 100 million token min cap but do not reach the full 500 million token ($20 million) hard cap, any unsold tokens will be sent to the GMT fund.
  • Only approved registrants will be able to participate in the token sale. You can register on our website: If you registered and received an email about registration from us, you’re good to go.

Individual cap details

Block 4,427,945 to 4,430,049 (~ 9am PDT — 5pm PDT):
  • 7 ETH cap
  • Gas price is limited to 50 Gwei
Block 4,430,050 to 4,431,101 (~ 5pm PDT — 9pm PDT)
  • 28 ETH cap
  • Gas price is limited to 50 Gwei
After block 4,431,101 (~9pm PDT)
  • No cap
  • No gas price limit

After block number 4,431,101, individual cap and gas price limit will be removed. Your transaction will NOT go through if the gas price is set for more than 50 GWei during these first ~12 hours.

Note that the 28 ETH cap in the second cap period is INCLUSIVE of any ETH you send during the first cap period. Therefore, if you send 7 ETH in the first cap period, you can send an additional 21 ETH during the second period, for a total of 28 ETH.

Mercury Protocol Official Sources

Please always double check every bit of information you find about our token launch and Ethereum address.

Use our following official communication channels to verify the information:

As there is an individual cap for everyone, please do not hurry and always double check the information to be sure you send your ETH to the right address.

Official GMT contract address and ABI

The official token launch address is 0xb3Bd49E28f8F832b8d1E246106991e546c323502

Any other ETH address is fake and must not be used!

  • ABI for the token contract can be found here:
  • You must send ETH from the address you registered during KYC
  • Your wallet must be compatible with ERC20 tokens such as GMT (MEW, Metamask, Parity, Mist, etc.)
  • If you have not been approved during the registration process, you will not be able to participate
  • Set the gas price at 50 Gwei max. Our recommended gas limit is 200,000.
  • IMPORTANT: Do NOT send your ETH from exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, etc. If you do, your ETH will be lost

How to participate using MyEtherWallet

Visit MyEtherWallet:

CAUTION: Double check the URL and look for MYETHERWALLET LLC [US] Certificate

Go to the tab labeled Send Ether & Tokens

Access your wallet depending on what type of wallet you’re using. This wallet address MUST match the addresses you registered with.

Fill the To address with 0xb3bd49e28f8f832b8d1e246106991e546c323502

Enter the amount of ETH you want to send in the Amount to Send field

Remember: individual cap is 7 ETH until block 4,430,049 and a cap of 28 ETH from block 4,430,050 to 4,431,101. If you send more than the cap, the transaction will fail, and you will not lose your ETH but you will lose all the gas fees you paid.

You can always check the latest block number on

Enter a Gas Limit of 200,000 and then click Generate Transaction, then click on Send Transaction to confirm.

Once the transaction is processed, you will receive your GMT tokens to your personal ETH address immediately.

You can see a proof of the transaction on by using the transaction hash the MyEtherWallet generates in the pop-up below.

Add GMT token to MyEtherWallet

  • Visit MEW ( and click on the “View Wallet Info” tab
  • Click “Add Custom Token” on the bottom right hand side
  • Enter the contract address: 0xb3bd49e28f8f832b8d1e246106991e546c323502
  • Enter number of decimals: 18
  • Add the token symbol: GMT
  • Click “Save
How to use MyEtherWallet with local key file
MyEtherWallet ABI Tutorial (Advanced)

How to participate using MetaMask

  • Launch MetaMask and connect to your account
  • Ensure you’re on MainNet (top left) and that you have enough funds in your account
  • Click on Send
  • Type 0xb3bd49e28f8f832b8d1e246106991e546c323502 as you can see in the screenshot above
  • Enter the amount you want to send in ETH
  • Click on Next
  • Set the Gas limit to 200,000 and make sure the Gas price is under 50 Gwei
  • Submit and validate the transaction (see below)
MetaMask Tutorial

How to participate using Mist

  • Launch Mist
  • Click on Send
  • Copy the GMT contract address to send your ETH to 0xb3bd49e28f8f832b8d1e246106991e546c323502
  • Enter the amount you want to send in ETH
  • The fee amount should not exceed 50 Gwei in ETH
  • Click on Send
  • You will see a summary of the transaction. You need to validate it by clicking on “Send transaction”
Mist Tutorial

That’s it! You now have contributed. You will receive GMT tokens in a few minutes.

By participating, you are subject to Radical App LLC’s Terms of Token Sale

Be cautious

Please verify multiple sources before you send any ETH.

You have time to participate, so there is no rush — always double check the information.



Learn more about the Mercury Protocol
Read the Mercury Protocol whitepaper

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