Introducing the NEW Dust

Mercury Protocol
Jan 23, 2019 · 2 min read

New year, new you. OWN YOUR WORLD.


Last year we spent a lot of time researching and developing best practices for messaging, encryption, and volatile storage solutions. The outcome of all the love and labor that went into this exercise is the latest and greatest version of Dust released today. We didn’t just put a new coat of paint on the app, we actually rebuilt the codebase from the ground up — every single line of code is new and improved. Why? Because technology advances at an exponential rate, and in order to offer The World’s Most Secure Messenger, you have to be willing to retool the entire system to maximize the security measures that ensure your privacy on Dust.

What We Stand For

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is credited for defying the gods and stealing fire to give to humanity. At Dust, we stand for that same defiant mentality that was willing to face impossible forces for the betterment of mankind. Our mission is to uphold your right to privacy and our messaging app is built on a vision of the future that’s unwilling to sacrifice your individual freedom for the sake of progress. Instead, we want to help usher in a technological era that’s dedicated to upholding your basic human right to privacy. In 2019, Dust is the people’s titan.

What does this mean for Mercury Protocol?

By rebuilding Dust from the ground up, the Mercury Protocol community benefits in several ways. First, the new Dust version is a more robust, secure platform than any previous version. As we introduce new ways to earn and spend GMT, having an ultra-secure, stable platform means that the features we build on top can also be secure and stable. Second, by being amongst an elite group of applications that truly value data privacy and integrity, which are core tenets of our vision at Mercury Protocol, Dust aligns with the mission of Mercury Protocol and provides an ideal testbed for GMT integration. Finally, the technical expertise we have gained by reinventing Dust gives our team additional skills and knowledge to apply to Mercury Protocol.

How can you help?

Your feedback has helped shape who we are today which is why we would love your continued support as we aim to bring you the world’s most secure and easiest to use messenger. Take the NEW Dust for a spin by downloading the app today!

To read more about why we rebuilt Dust, take a look at our founder’s blog, Private Parts.


Mercury Protocol is the future of communications, powered…

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