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Ryan Ozonian
Sep 4, 2018 · 3 min read


When we first launched the Mercury Protocol website back in the Summer of 2017, it was designed to support our Token Sale. Now, nearly a year later, we have new goals we want to communicate to our GMT community. So, we decided to rebuild the Mercury Protocol website to be the hub for all token holders, partners, and stakeholders to learn more about GMT beyond the sale. At a high-level, the new website will capture the company’s objectives, roadmap, content, and contact information for all Mercurians to explore and learn more.

What’s new? Well…

For starters, you’ll notice we’re launching the new website with ‘Communicating Trust’ at the forefront.

What does this mean?

Trust is at the core of all our products. With Dust already in market and a patent pending for RAM-based ephemeral message storage, our elite team has already demonstrated a significant first step towards creating a private digital space where trust matters. Our vision is to continue developing products that build on the core principles that gave birth to Dust.

It’s our belief that “big tech,” has broken the unspoken principle of trust it once held with consumers. Therefore, we are pioneering a new business model that is not ad driven or funded by selling user data. Dust is the first product in our suite, and we are re-launching soon with even better features building on our experience.

Market Insights

We have surveyed a substantial pool of US consumers and the results have helped us illustrate the picture we present in our latest website. Here’s what we learned:

  • Only 50% of respondents were aware that Google/Hotmail scan your email and serve you ads
  • Only 62% of respondents were aware that text messages are stored in the cloud by service providers such as Apple and Google
  • Most respondents were “strongly against” these practices once made aware

What happened to trust?

After seeing what people had to say, we noticed that a lack of “trust” is at the core of your frustrations. If communication platforms, social media services, and email providers were more clear about their business model and their terms of service, then people wouldn’t be as disgruntled or surprised to find out their data is being sold, misused, or exploited.

Whether you’re using LinkedIn for jobs, Facebook for friends, Twitter for news, or Instagram for photos, you should know that they all scrape your personal information, package it, and put a price tag on it that you’ll never see. I know I can’t do much to protect myself on those platforms, but if I’m going to lead my team to build a business around communication, then the first thing I want to cultivate amongst our customers is TRUST.

Communicating Trust

Moving forward, it is my mission to communicate trust across all products, services, relationships, and conversations that I help to create. Our team is fortunate to have a supportive community that stands behind our philosophy and vision, and we are excited for the upcoming months as we relaunch Dust and unveil our consumer token portal. In the meantime, I highly recommend visiting our NEW Mercury Protocol website to see what we have in store for GMT and Dust.


Mercury Protocol is the future of communications, powered…


Mercury Protocol is the future of communications, powered by blockchain.

Ryan Ozonian

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CEO & Co-Founder of Dust Messenger — passionate entrepreneur building a new digital world based on trust


Mercury Protocol is the future of communications, powered by blockchain.