Exploring Web3: The ReFi Revolution Coming to Global Finance

What do we mean when we talk about a ‘ReFi Revolution’? And frankly, why should we care? We talk to Regen Foundation and Climate Collective in our first-ever Twitter Space.

At the intersection of climate and crypto is one of the most exciting and quickly evolving markets: regenerative finance (ReFi).

But what do we mean when we talk about a ‘ReFi Revolution’? And frankly, why should we care?

To us, climate resilience means focusing on individuals and communities who are already experiencing climate shocks and disruptions and ensuring that the least powerful stakeholders — those who are often the most impacted — have the ability to cope with the effects of climate change, to overcome a climate shock, and ultimately, to thrive despite these impacts.

Web3 is not a silver bullet, but we are excited about the transformative potential of the technology.

While early, we are seeing projects and startups leveraging the unique advantages of Web3 (transparency, new economic incentive models, ability to quickly mobilize a global community) to reimagine how carbon markets can drive an entirely new paradigm of land use.

If you need to coordinate billions and trillions of economic activity, crypto and Web3 is potentially the bottom-up architecture and approach to make it happen.

There are many positive signals, from integrating smart contracts into crop microinsurance products to protocols that have unlocked $10M’s in credit for emerging markets startups. However, there is a tremendous amount of hype and this space is still very early.

At Mercy Corps Ventures, we are interested to explore where blockchain and blockchain-derived technologies can deliver value to individuals in emerging markets. Our panel is working at the cutting edge of this and coming from a variety of perspectives.

This discussion explores how ReFi has evolved since its inception, what we need to do to scale this space inclusively and impactfully, and what could go wrong if we don’t do this right.

Hear from Tim Rann from Mercy Corps Ventures, Revathi Kollegala from Regen Foundation, and Anna Lerner from Climate Collective.

Listen to the Twitter Space:



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