Investing in Climate and Financial Resilience: Meet Our Portfolio

Mercy Corps Ventures invests in and catalyzes venture-led solutions to increase the resilience of underserved individuals and communities. Founded in 2015 as the impact investing arm of global development agency, Mercy Corps, we’ve supported 38 early-stage ventures to scale and raise over $333 million in follow-on capital, at a 90% follow-on rate. Our portfolio centers around solutions in adaptive agriculture and food systems, inclusive fintech, and climate smart systems and tech infrastructure.

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Meet our portfolio

Active Portfolio

Open Forest Protocol

Open Forest Protocol is a Web3 platform to transparently measure, verify, and finance afforestation projects for land stewards of nearly all sizes in emerging markets.


Cinch is a Kenyan-based land management company aiming to improve incomes of smallholder families by bringing the profitability of commercial farming to the one acre level

Kwanza Tukule

Kwanza Tukule is a logistics company that optimizes the supply chain for informal street food vendors and small kiosks in low-income informal settlements in Kenya, 80% of whom are women.


Verqor is an agri-fintech company offering smallholder farmers in rural México access to financing, agro supplies, and produce trading.

Image courtesy of Verqor.


AgriAku is an agtech marketplace bringing lower prices and transparency to farmers and distributors.


Kalpay is a digital payments company serving SMEs in the Francophone West Africa market, uniquely focused on providing merchants (mainly cash-based) with the ability to accept digital payments.


Pivo is the first fintech solution specifically designed to cater to the diverse and particular needs of SMEs operating in the logistics and supply chain sector in Africa, with a particular focus on female-led enterprises.

Umoja Labs

Umoja Labs is a product suite for emerging market fintechs and banks to build, customize, and deploy DeFi products interoperable with traditional banking and mobile money systems.

Image courtesy of Umoja Labs.


Kuunda is a “credit-as-a-service” solution for agent networks in mobile money and other sectors across emerging markets.


Ejara is a decentralized investment and savings platform in Francophone Africa with a focus on financial education and inclusion for underserved users and un/underbanked populations, encouraging responsible use of crypto.

Cloud to Street

Cloud to Street is a platform using industry leading science that allows governments, NGOs, and insurers to accurately assess, price, transfer, and respond to catastrophic flood risk, plugging the global insurance gap in real time.


Goldfinch is a responsible DeFi lending protocol, providing access to loans without overcollateralization. This enables those who struggle to access financing, such as emerging market businesses, to invest in productivity and increase income.


Ignitia provides hyper-local weather forecasts for farmers in the tropics with enhanced accuracy from AI. Their team is currently reaching around 1.7 million farmers with 24-hour forecasts that are 20–50% more accurate than others.

Image courtesy of Ignitia.


Payhippo is filling the SME lending gap in Nigeria by leveraging technology to identify key growth areas for small businesses, match them with the right type of capital, and provide timely financing.


Imalipay is an embedded finance solution for Africa’s gig economy. Using proprietary technology and AI, they provide informal workers with productive use financing, savings and credit building tools.


Topl is a blockchain protocol that provides traceability and transparency up and down the supply chain. This aims to revolutionize how businesses engage with, prove, market, and monetize sustainable practices.

OKO Finance

OKO is an agricultural microinsurance provider for climate-vulnerable smallholder farmers. Their aim is to ensure that farmers have greater income stability and are able to access decent loans with proof of insurance, resulting in higher agricultural yields through the ability to invest in improved production.


Boost is onboarding small businesses into Africa’s digital economy, helping informal shops go digital, offering inventory ordering via WhatsApp and delivery using a network of agent-drivers.

Images courtesy of Boost.


Teliman drives youth employment in Bamako, where individuals who own their own motorbikes can earn an income through their ride hailing platform, offering a solution that is five times faster than vans and four times cheaper than taxis.


Meridia provides an end-to-end solution for land and property documentation for farming communities. With formal land titles, smallholder farmers have tenure security and unlock access to the tools they need to expand production.


Turaco provides affordable health and life insurance for low-income workers, many of whom are climate-induced urban migrants. Driving financial inclusion is key to building resilience to climate shocks.

Powered By People

Powered by People is an ethical marketplace platform and suite of digital tools designed to increase resilience for millions of artisans with access to financing and markets that provide the opportunity to scale production.


Pula designs and delivers innovative agricultural insurance and digital products to help smallholder farmers endure yield risks, improve their farming practices, and bolster their incomes over time.


Vega’s coffee is grown and roasted at origin by female producers and delivered direct. By removing middle actors in the coffee supply chain they provide above premium price compensation to the farmers in a sustainable and equitable model.

Image courtesy of Vega.


Wasoko is a last-mile distribution platform that enables small shop owners to restock essential goods via their phone, reducing store closures and expenses and building data to optimize operation and offer financing.


Suyo is a suite of services that enable accessible, affordable land-titling. With formal recognition of property rights, low-income households experience increased property values and other livelihood benefits, such as credit for small business.


Arifu is a platform providing underserved groups with access to digital content and tools to acquire new skills, access important information, and to discover employment opportunities and needed products and services.

Image courtesy of Arifu.


Levee connects informal workers in North America and Latin America to formal jobs. The platform validates the skills and work history of an individual, matches them to pre-screened job opportunities, and allows them to immediately schedule an interview.


Harvesting is a digital marketplace for India’s 120 million farmers. Harvesting platform allows farmers to access inputs, markets, financial products and an array of other services to grow their businesses.



Vasham provides financing and technical expertise for smallholder farmers in Indonesia. Their platform bundles access to information on best farming techniques, high quality seeds, low-interest loans, and connection to potential buyers.


LiftIt is a platform that makes it simple to schedule cargo shipments of all sizes throughout Colombia, providing quick and transparent quotations, real-time tracking of shipments, full-value insurance, and guaranteed same-day delivery.



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