Our Impact Measurement & Management Approach

Robust impact measurement and management (IMM) is core to who we are and integrated throughout our entire investment process.

“As an impact investor, the success and impact of Mercy Corps Ventures as a fund is directly tied to the success and impact of our portfolio companies. We are deeply committed to forefronting impact in our investment decisions and to supporting our portfolio to grow through a holistic approach to measuring and managing impact performance alongside business performance.”
Lillian Alexander — Senior Impact Advisor, Mercy Corps Ventures

Image courtesy of Mercy Corps.

“MCV’s feedback was helpful in defining the content of our annual grower survey as well as the best channel to use in order to have a greater response rate. As a result, we had an amazing 87% response rate, and growers’ input allowed us to define several baselines and dig further into how our product can help growers improve their overall operation to make it more sustainable.”
Isabel Rodríguez García — Head of Sustainability, Verqor

Theory of Change

“Impact measurement and management is incorporated into everything we do with companies post-investment. It’s key to gaining revenue and growing a business sustainably.”
Hebe Foster — Platform Associate, Mercy Corps Ventures

Alignment to the SDGs & Industry Standards

Annual Impact Reports

Read our latest report:

2022 Annual Impact Report

Previous Editions

2021 Annual Impact Report

2020 Annual Impact Report

2019 Annual Impact Report

2018 Annual Impact Report



We invest in and fuel high-impact enterprises that increase the resilience of people and communities in frontier markets.

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