Founders Monthly Update — August

We are starting a monthly update tradition to show inside of the Merge: Eternal Battlegrounds. In the first update we’ll summarize what is achieved up to now, what we are working on, and some short-term plans for the future.

Advisory Board: Pros From Top Companies

Last month we were working to expand our advisory board. Talking with potential advisors was a very productive experience. We’ve got a very positive response to Merge’s idea. Not everyone had heard about blockchain and it’s possibilities but majority were excited about Merge’s game mechanics and monetization ideas.

Check out what kind of people joined our project here.

Game Design Blueprint

Every game starts and ends with a game design. It’s a heart of the game. Set of ideas, rules, and mechanics that make the game fun to play. Our Game Design Blueprint is finished and we are planning to test it in a real game environment in the nearest future.

At Merge’s core, we have a unique mechanics — combining, which merged with blockchain tech will bring the next level of player engagement. With asset ownership, it will increase attachment to characters and the game itself. This idea had a great success with gamedev veterans and our advisors.

Merge’s Game Design Blueprint is in our White Paper’s chapter 5.

Concept Art: Characters And Environments

At this stage, we have found an art style that we strive for. Merge is a turn-based multiplayer tactical arena game so we started with character concept art. In this type of games, characters are the main elements that players make a bond with.

For starters, Merge will have four races (Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, and Humans) and five classes (fighter, rogue, mage, ranger, and cleric). We are a long time geeks and not only have a big love for classics but also a lot of ideas on how to reinvent classics and make them unique. At this point, we have representatives of all races and four of five classes. Cleric concept is coming in a few weeks.

We’ve also started to work on environment concepts. It’s still early stage but we are happy to share some of our tree concepts.

Team: Development, Art, Marketing, And AI

We have assembled a full crew for this stage of the project. A thing, we are really happy about, is that developers and artists have years of experience working together on various projects. So looking into the future, if we’ll need to expand we already have a strong core team with similar work ethics and standards.

We’d love to expand on our AI partners. Merge mechanics will need lots of balancing and balancing takes lots of time and effort. From the start, we’ve decided to solve this problem with the help of AI and joined forces with experienced AI team whose work with game balancing continues for two decades.

Early Demo Video In Works

We’ve started to work on the early demo video. We’ll show two of the characters in 3D and some vibe of the environment, few game mechanics and strategies will be revealed. It’s still not a finished product, more of idea and vibe to get where we are heading.

Those are the news. We are really fortunate to have a solid starting budget which gives us flexibility and options to put work into ICO marketing effort and game development itself. We have some big plans for autumn but about it in the next update.

Thanks for your time. We’ll be very happy to answer any questions and discuss ideas. So please, comment.

Justas and Simonas