Cooking Up Some Love

Fall in love with Katie Colosimo & watch the premiere of her fun new lyric video for LML!

Taralei Griffin
Feb 14 · 2 min read
LML is available now on all streaming platforms - image ©Katie Colosimo

When singer/songwriter Katie Colosimo asked me to premiere the lyric video for her first single, “LML”, on Valentine’s Day, the opportunity was too perfect to pass up. The song’s lyrics capture feelings I’ve grown to know well — of (im)patiently waiting for the love you’ve been ready for while remaining carefree, upbeat, and true to who you are.

“Everybody wants to be loved or feel loved for who they are or what they are,” Katie told me over coffee in Nashville. “LML is an anthem for diamonds in the rough, or people who are the full package but haven’t found that person who sees all of that yet.”

With this new music video, Katie steps into the kitchen to whip up the perfect combination of cake, conversation, and mimosas, backed by an addictive, dance-able beat. Whether you’re spending time with your best friend, partner, child, dog, houseplant, or just you, make this Valentine’s Day perfect by adding the secret ingredient Katie Colosimo’s gifted us all — “LML”. ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

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Meridian Creators

Inspired by the Inspired; We share the stories of local creators with the global community.

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