Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Myylo, coming at us with his brand new bop: Cyborg.

Taralei Griffin
Feb 17 · 2 min read
Myylo’s new single, CYBORG, is available now on all streaming platforms!

I bounce around the heavens til I find God // and ask Her why I have to let you go, go, go, go, gone

Yes, you read that right — it may only have been a few weeks since Myylo released his fun, smooth single “Jonesing”, but he’s already blessing us with a new release.

“I wrote this to Carole King chords, mulling over a particular ginger haired boy,” Myylo says. “We’ve known each other in so many iterations: teenage crush, summer fling, ex, friend, lifelong enigma. All my feelings about the whole situation are rather hazy and I tried to work some of that out in ‘Cyborg’.”

“Cyborg” is further proof that Myylo is a master of getting people to dance through their emotions. The easy feeling, subtly addictive beat will have even the most stoic of people swaying along. The lyrics capture the pain and soul-searching caused by breaking up with your first love, while the melody somehow evokes nostalgia by using modern, space-y elements, echoes, and a hint of marimba.

Whether you’re trying to get over someone or just need something to keep you warm while moving through these last, viciously cold weeks of winter, let Myylo help you strap on a jetpack by adding “Cyborg” to your favorite playlist.

❤ ❤ ❤

Listen to CYBORG, available now on Spotify, Soundcloud, & all other streaming platforms. You can also dance along in person at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall on March 5th.
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Inspired by the Inspired; We share the stories of local creators with the global community.

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