Feel This

If time hasn’t yet healed your heart, maybe Katie Colosimo’s latest single can!

“Feel This” is available NOW on all streaming platforms.

Speaking with Katie Colosimo in early February, she told me that she would be putting out a new single every month, and that she hoped, because of how different each one is, people would come to understand that it’s okay to have a wide variety of influences as well as ways of expressing yourself.

On March 1st, she released her second single, “Feel This”, a synth-heavy, early 2000s pop ballad-esque song that she wrote about “the one that got away.” Listening to “Feel This” as well as her first single, the fun, bubbly “LML”, it’s clear that her musical style can’t be put in a box — and it works.

If your heart still gets in its feelings over the one that got away, I highly recommend commiserating with Katie by listening to “Feel This” and letting her clear, passionate vocals heal it.

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