Inspired by the Inspired

Or, what “Meridian Creators” is all about.

In my opinion, creating and appreciating art in all its forms has always been the best way to connect with others, while also learning about yourself and where you stand. The way each individual person connects with art has always been fascinating to me, and in my head, I picture each person and their ideas falling somewhere on a grid, much like the invisible meridians that encircle our planet.

Since December 2012, I have been interviewing up-and-coming musicians in Nashville on a freelance basis. I never found a good fit for a publication to work for full-time — so going into 2018, I finally decided to create my own. This, plus the images I mentioned in the first paragraph, are what gave way to Meridian Creators.

Meridian Creators official logo! *oooh* *aahhh*

Starting out, I will be writing a weekly piece on local artists, and hopefully I will gain enough interest that other writers across the country will want to contribute pieces about their local artists as well. The goal is to eventually be able to hire and pay regularly-contributing journalists and an editor. To be able to do this, I have launched a Patreon page where readers can view behind the scenes updates and special messages from the artists I will be interviewing by subscribing to donate on a monthly basis.


Whether you paint, dance, sing, or bake — if you create art, I want to feature you on Meridian Creators! You don’t have to be located in Tennessee, as I am more than willing to schedule a phone or video interview. If you yourself are an artist who would like to be featured on Meridian Creators, or if you have any leads on artists to speak with, please shoot me an email at


If you are interested in having your article(s) about artists in your area featured on Meridian Creators, and being first in line when I begin hiring regular contributors, please send me a pitch and a portfolio or links to examples of your writing (Google docs links if unpublished pieces) at

Looking forward to working with all you amazing creative folks!

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