Get ready to call your mom about him — Nashville‘s Myylo just released a smooth new single!

Myylo’s new single, Jonesing, is available NOW on all streaming platforms!
You’re sweet like honeysuckle // my knees about to buckle // I think I’ve got to call my mom about you…

On March 30th, 2018, I was standing in the middle of a crowd, mentally going over questions I would later be asking local musician and producer, Chris Jobe, when a slender young man bursting with energy took the stage, instantly drawing the crowd’s attention. Myylo began to regale us with the story of his Birthright experience (a free trip to Israel for Jewish young adults) and the guy he connected with on the flight back to the states. He eventually had everyone laughing over the story, and then swaying as he slid into performing his whimsical yet wistful song, “Jonesing”.

Almost a year later, he has released the catchy song as a single. Myylo and the other young man had tried a long-distance relationship, but eventually things fizzled out.

“I decided to take a stab at the long-distance thing last year, and for a while I was digging it: Facetiming for hours, weeklong trips to each other’s cities, and even the drama and tension of being apart.” Myylo said. “Jonesing” was his way of processing those emotions, plus their demise, in a fun way.

The boldly honest lyrics about the angst of wanting a boy who’s just too damn far away struck a chord in my heart as I put the song on replay when it was released this past Friday. With an irresistible beat, rap-sung lyrics, and Myylo’s signature saxophone licks, the relatable emotions evoked by the song were not only easier to deal with, they were made fun and hopeful.

Smoking cigarettes to forget // what I really want is you instead // right now you’re a million miles away — and I’m jonesing, jonesing for a puff of you…

Myylo was commissioned to pen and perform Starbucks’ 2018 National Holiday Campaign, has a series of releases under his belt, several local opening slots with major label artists, and a loyal Nashville fan base that is always jonesing for a puff of his music — and those achievements are clearly only the beginning for this talented young artist. Stay tuned, and make sure to add some whimsy to your day by adding “Jonesing” to your favorite upbeat playlist.

❤ ❤ ❤

Listen to JONESING, available now on Spotify, Soundcloud, & all other streaming platforms. You can also dance along in person at Los Angeles’ The Hotel Cafe Second Stage on February 8th & Nashville’s The High Watt on February 15th.
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