Wish You Would

Kicking off February with his sensual new single, J. Human is helping people slow things down and bare it all.

Taralei Griffin
Feb 3 · 2 min read

After getting listeners dancing with his first three singles, J. Human is simultaneously slowing things down and bringing the heat as we head into February.

In the past, February has been rough for me, especially as a single person seeing all the couples turning gooey over the upcoming “holiday of love”. I would frequently throw myself so hard into my work as a distraction that I’d burn out before this short month was over. But 2019 has been full of great strides so far as I’ve been more honest and open and loving towards myself, causing worries about being alone to fade while also recognizing my need for breaks every now and then. Listening to “Wish You Would” when it was released on February 1st, I found myself reminded to slow down, bare my soul, and just breathe.

I wish you would lay it all down, let me see you as I should

J. Human’s latest single encourages everyone to be “the most honest, real, and bare you’ve ever been.” A perfect blend of hypnotic melodies, sultry vocals, and classic beats with a hint of electronic influence make this song a must-add to your date night playlist — whether you’re with someone else or treating yourself.

Take some deep breaths, be honest with yourself and those around you that you love, and sway along with J. Human as he reminds you that you’re better off being your authentic self.

I like you more with less, no face or false pretense // one touch, your love and I’m not making sense

❤ ❤ ❤

Listen to Wish You Would, available now on Spotify, Soundcloud, & all other streaming platforms.
Learn more about J. Human in my 2018 interview, and be sure to stay up to date on future releases and shows by following him on Instagram & Facebook.

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Meridian Creators

Inspired by the Inspired; We share the stories of local creators with the global community.

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