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AMA’s schedule

We know it’s been less than an hour since we published our latest Medium article, but this is something unrelated to staking and that we believe will definitely interest the community, and decided it best to release as soon as possible.

As recently stated, we will be engaging in AMA’s in the upcoming days. In this article you can find our new round of AMA’s, where we will be talking about PreSaga, staking, the Foundation, future plans and any topics the community might be interested in hearing about.

We also hereby announce we will be conducting the first ever Telegram AMA on our very own Meridian Network chat. We’re looking forward to interacting with our community on a more personal basis, and hoping to clear some doubts regarding present and future plans affecting Meridian’s path.

Without further ado, here’s our schedule:

Thursday, October 15th 3pm UTC

Zendetta Picks

Friday, October 16th 3pm UTC

Generation Crypto

Saturday, October 17th 3pm UTC


Sunday, October 18th 7pm UTC

Meridian Network

This is it for now, we’ll see you all at our AMA’s and hopefully answer any queries you guys might have!

The Meridian team

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A Web3 based staking/deflationary mechanism soon to incorporate a community DAO and Dapps

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Meridian Network

A Web3 ecosystem of DeFi protocols governed through DAO-implemented mechanisms