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Audit + marketing development

Hey community!

  • Audit report released;
  • LOCK token launch;
  • Meridian Vault launch(pending audit results);
  • Token swap portal launch;
  • LOCK token liquidity lock.

Marketing development

  • a select twitter community mostly comprised of influencers who will promote us as they create their own content about Meridian;
  • an Indian community, one of the largest, proposed a strategic 4-week plan with several events (including an AMA), which we agreed to( to be disclosed next week);
  • another community, this one within Discord with nearly 1,000 members (between influencers and insiders), will be promoting our brand as well as hosting as AMA with the core team to answer their members questions;



A Web3 based staking/deflationary mechanism soon to incorporate a community DAO and Dapps

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Meridian Network

A Web3 ecosystem of DeFi protocols governed through DAO-implemented mechanisms