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DAO voting & update

Hey guys! As we approach the launch of PreSaga, our first community voted dapp, we have a couple of announcements to make.

New proposal — Allowing for LOCK swaps between TRC20 and ERC20

It is time for the Meridian team to pick up yet another Colony suggestion and make it an Aragon community vote.

This time, the proposal in question is on whether the Foundation should provide LOCK holders with a means to swap their erc20 LOCK for trc20 LOCK, a LOCK token version compatible with the Tron blockchain.

This suggestion came at the request of several of our chinese community members, who made us realise that one of the most widely used decentralised exchanges in Asia (a liquidity pool exchange in this case) is JustSwap, a Tron implemented DEX. They made a clear case of the difficulty our chinese supporters have when attempting to purchase LOCK, as well as in marketing it, as Uniswap is relatively unknown in that specific region. As we’re currently expanding the reach of our community, and considering the chinese market is one of biggest potential markets for PreSaga (and betting overall), we thought this was a good idea and are willing to do our research in devising the most efficient way to allow this swap to take place.

The proposal will be live on Aragon for 3 days.

You can access it here:

For the purpose of voting, we issued new governance tokens called DAOLOCK and airdropped them to all LOCK token holders. LOCK holders who have staked their LOCK or have it within the Balancer pool can PM any of our admins and we will make sure to send them their respective share for voting.

Balancer pool update

We recently created a new Balancer pool, as the old one had the issue of containing the old Ocean tokens which users were unable to withdraw. This issue was acknowledged by the Ocean team and in light of this they airdropped extra tokens to any address who had their Ocean pooled within Balancer at the time. Meaning those participating in our old Balancer pool (or any Balancer pool that contained the old Ocean token) ended up with extra holdings in $ value than before.

Here’s the weblink for our new Balancer pool:

You can also access it at any time through our website.

DeFi portal

As stated a while back, we began working on what is set to become a DeFi knowledge portal to help those interested in learning more on DeFi in general and joining the space.

We have had some complications with the copywriters in charge of this task, which unfortunately translated into a delay relative to the initial deadline we set for its launch.

Although we can’t specify dates, we are now doing our best to have the portal launch before or at least at the same time we launch PreSaga, as we believe it to be a great complement to our first community voted dapp.

Thank you for your patience, we will keep you guys updated.


Last but not least, a quick update on PreSaga’s progress.

We are in the middle of testing, as recently announced. So far we found no issues of any kind, but we plan on running these tests up until the middle of next week. Audits to the platform will follow suit.

We have also began the first tryouts for the design theme and interface layout, and are glad to say we have some great options in terms of UI/UX. We hope to be able to release the first previews next week.

In doing so, we also plan on beginning a new set of marketing efforts based on these previews, as well as infographics with specs and features comparing industry players to PreSaga.

As usual, we will keep you guys posted.

Hope everyone’s staying safe in these turbulent times!

The Meridian team

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