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July 6th Update - AMA, Testnet, Audit, and more

Hi everyone! Here at Meridian the team has been hard at work with the intention of delivering what we set out to for the next few weeks, and we thought you guys might enjoy a brief update on our current progress and expected releases for the short term.

Before our announcements, here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes:

  • Meridian Vault testnet- We have completed the Meridian Vault basic interface and begun integrating it with the graphical UI for our staking contract
  • Proof of liquidity- We will be locking LOCK liquidity on Uniswap by adding the liquidity via a smart contract (currently under development) which ensures it won’t be possible to remove the liquidity ever again. This smart contract will be audited prior to its release to ensure the security of both ETH and LOCK
  • Our website update is almost complete, we’re still adjusting the new design with the front end requirements as to ensure optimal website performance, as we added a couple of new sections as well as a soft overall revamp
  • The LOCK token contract is ready for deployment
  • The token swap portal is nearing its completion, UI now being tested and integrated with the token swap interface
  • We have hired Che, our new community manager, who’ll be running our community channels and managing our admin & mod teams (Telegram and Discord). We currently have 5 Telegram moderators and 2 Discord moderators
  • We have also concluded our airdrop distribution for both marketing and tokens holders. An initial analysis of our airdrop recipients demonstrated most of our holders are here for the long run, which makes us believe our plan for rewarding long term holders via an airdrop turned out to be a viable one at that

For those interested in our development updates, Cryptopinions has been releasing daily development updates on Discord regarding the above topics, feel free to check them out.

Short term timelines

  • We expect our website to be updated within the next 2 to 3 days
  • Our staking dapp, the Meridian Vault, is set to be launched within 10 days at the most, potentially sooner depending on technical products testing. Our new website will have an updated timer with the accurate time left until Vault launch
  • At the same time, we will launch the LOCK token and open the swap portal on our website


Now onto the new stuff, we have several announcements we’d like to make.


We will be doing an AMA with our core team (Yomonk and Mark) and our lead developer (Cryptopinions) on Wednesday, July 8th, at 10pm CET time (4pm EST time).

The AMA will take place in Discord, according to the following structure:

  • A Discord channel named “AMA” will be available starting from the moment we post this article
  • Users will have until Tuesday, July 7th, 10pm CET time to send their questions to our AMA channel on Discord
  • Yomonk will coordinate the AMA session, with all 3 team members (Yomonk, Mark and Cryptopinions) answering questions as per their respective roles within Meridian

Code Audit

We‘re currently in the middle of auditing our smart contract code. With all the latest news about smart contract vulnerabilities and exploits happening to crypto-projects, we thought to include this in our security planning guidelines. It also helps to ease our holders minds in regards to the safety of their funds.

We will be disclosing more information on our code audit within the next few days.

Bug Bounty program

As part of our security guidelines, we will also have a bug bounty program.

For this purpose, users that find any bugs/exploits/vulnerabilities will be granted a bounty, paid in LOCK, after the development team validates their findings. Users can report bugs on Discord via PM to Yomonk.

We will be releasing more details on our bug bounty program on Discord.

Marketing campaign

We decided to begin our marketing efforts this week. While for obvious reasons we can’t disclose specifics on our marketing plan, we can tell you we have started reaching out to known individuals/influencers within the crypto-sphere for guidance in our marketing efforts, with some of them showing an interest in joining the project long term. If that were to happen it would be disclosed to the community.

We will be releasing general info on our marketing efforts as soon as we consider appropriate, in the meanwhile we hope the community remains as engaged with the project as it’s been since day one.

For now this is it, keep an eye out for our releases as previously mentioned, you will be hearing from us shortly.

Until then, stay safe!

The Meridian team




A Web3 based staking/deflationary mechanism soon to incorporate a community DAO and Dapps

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