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Our first team introduction

Hello everyone!

We have some exciting news to share with you today!

We would like to welcome Cryptopinions into the Meridian team as one of our official Solidity developers. Effective as of Monday he’ll take the helm of our product development efforts. He’s a highly respected and known developer within the community, having built several Dapps such as the widely cloned game ETH Shrimp Farm.

Some of the public Dapps he’s developed so far:

In regards to our technical roadmap, we have broken it down into two phases:

Phase 1: Testnet containing all the basic functionalities (staking, burn, re-distribution) and web interface with no styling. The UI of Meridian Vault version 1.

Phase 2: Continued iterations, unit testing, final version of UI of Meridian Vault, website integration and full launch. 3rd party code audit.

We are currently engaged in phase 1. Here’s a short developer update to keep you in the loop:

“Token contract for testing is complete in a basic form, as well as the contract for upgrading tokens, all uploaded to Github. Basic functions for upgrading, approval, and transfer have been tested and confirmed functional. Burn and staking mechanisms development is now in the works.”

More updates to be released within the next few days along with a sample of the UI design of the Meridian Vault.

Cryptopinions GitHub page:

We’d also like to thank our supporters for your patience. Feel free to join our discord for all the latest development updates.

Until our next update,

Stay safe!

The Meridian Team

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A Web3 based staking/deflationary mechanism soon to incorporate a community DAO and Dapps

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Meridian Network

Meridian Network

A Web3 ecosystem of DeFi protocols governed through DAO-implemented mechanisms

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