Meridio partners with AirSwap to integrate tools for secondary trading

The tokenized securities ecosystem is maturing at an incredible pace. Governments are providing more clarity regarding the regulation of asset backed tokens, while both institutions and startups alike are racing to bring blockchain-based securities to market at a large scale. Naturally, this growth leads to conversations about how these new asset types will trade. At Meridio, a platform that creates blockchain based shares of fractional real estate ownership, we take these conversations seriously and aim to support this growing demand. Because asset backed tokens are securities, finding the right avenue for secondary trading can be a tedious process. We wanted a user-friendly trading system with seamless API integrations that is willing to innovate and collaborate on new token standards. In light of these factors and our extensive due diligence, we’re excited to announce our partnership with AirSwap to collaborate on making real estate assets tradable in a liquid and compliant manner.

Through AirSwap’s partnerships with registered broker-dealers, investors can make no fee peer-to-peer trades with approved investors using the Swap protocol on the Meridio platform (subject to compliance with securities laws). AirSwap has built out a sharp protocol and network to enable frictionless token swaps while Meridio has designed the front end interface for investing and tracking your portfolio. Together these products will allow even first-time crypto users to manage their real estate investments with ease. Let’s check out the magic:

AirSwap DAI Widget functionality — Look out for the full Meridio demo public release very soon!

Today, AirSwap’s consumer token widget is fully integrated into the Meridio platform, allowing users to purchase Ether or DAI (a stable coin/digital dollar) with a few simple clicks. We envision a future where investors trade asset backed tokens against DAI or similar stablecoins to mitigate the volatility risk of other cryptocurrencies. Going forward we will continue to work closely with one another to incorporate support for real estate token swaps leveraging the AirSwap API.

We are enthusiastic that AirSwap technology will support Meridio’s new asset token standard for real estate assets. Over the past few months, Meridio has worked to structure a token model that adheres to all applicable security laws. The solution is centered around encoded compliance and involves a combination of an on-chain whitelist, better data capture metrics and a fair degree of upgradeability (our smart contracts are currently undergoing an audit by ConsenSys Diligence, we’re excited to release more detail on the token standard soon!). Together with AirSwap’s insights, we look forward to sharing the Meridio standard with the community and promoting widespread adoption of best security and compliance practices for digital real estate securities offerings. Until then, back to #BUIDLing.