Better the Book

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

There has never been anyone
Who preferred the movie
When it is based on the book
Even with the best on cast
They can only do so much
So hard to squeeze imagination
Into a finite movie script

How much more eternal intent
Living it out in our everyday lives
We don’t call them actors here
Be-livers is a better way to put it
Men doing their best obeying God
Men in deep search with their parts
And giving life to what they read

But the book is always better
Never let yourself be hurt
When a part isn’t done well enough
So many roles still missing
So many parts still untaken
Never let missing details weary your heart
I’ll rather do my part to fill them in

Hello brother, what ails you?
The slander and pretense of the day
Have you read the book just yet
Trust me, you’d love it way more
This is everyone at their best
But God has too much depth
Get into the Book of Life