Heavenly Places

Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

This is where we are now seated
In the Heavenly Places in Christ
A place beyond the reach of death
A place beyond the reach of flesh

When we cried out to the Lord
And He heard our cry and responded
He delivered us from the pit and slime
He set our feet upon the solid rock

That rock has a name — Jesus Christ
A sure foundation, the chief cornerstone
That place has a name — Heavenly Places
A kingdom that cannot be shaken

But this is not a place where we only seat
This is a place from which we see
Faith is not one of our many options
Faith is how we see all of our options

We are set up here at a vantage position
We are seated in Heavenly Places for a reason
So he might show us something special
The incomparable riches of His grace

Remember Satan took Jesus up the mount
And there He saw all of the wealth on earth
Flip the coin, when we seat in Heavenly places
We see the riches of God in the saints

Find a man who is hostile to God’s people
He is not seated in the Heavenly Places
He cannot see the treasures God sees
And so cannot bring his heart to be kind

Find a who man extorts and exploits the saints
He is not seated in the Heavenly Places
He cannot see the fertile fields from above
He does not know we harvest by planting

A view from the Heavenly Places is humbling
You would see what God sees in men
You would love men the way God does
And gladly lay your life down for them to live

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