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Love Hopes All Things

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Hope is joyful expectation, an enthusiastic anticipation. To hope is to expect something to happen. It is to wait, tune in, turn towards, to be excited for. In other words, to hope is to have expectations. So whenever we engage in spiritual activity, hope does not mechanically participate. It participates in expectation. God is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him. He promised to walk and work in the midst of 2 or 3 people gathered in His name. He also promised to make tremendous power available whenever a righteous man prays. To expect otherwise is not to walk in love. It is the nature of love to be hopeful and expect something to always happen.

Supernatural is normal

Seeing that the passage of love falls between 2 powerful exposés about the demonstration of the spirit, we can conveniently say that the nature of love is to expect something to always happen in the company of believers. You should not be surprised at prophecy. Excited? Yes. Surprised? No. Maybe we can be surprised the first few times, but as we learn that it is a normal experience in the company of the saints, we should move from surprise to anticipation. If we pay attention to scriptures, we would see that they had regular expressions and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Why should we tone it down now?

Ordinary is abnormal

Once we come to terms that the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit are a part and parcel of the normal Christian life, we should expect it, anticipate it, look forward to it and perhaps prepare for it too. This makes fellowship fun. This makes God’s love tangible. You should not be skeptical about the move of the spirit. We should expect it. I was glad when I heard them say, let us go to God’s house. This should be our perpetual posture to the gathering of the saints. What will be abnormal is that we gather in the name of the Lord and He does not walk in our midst. That should be a real concern for us. Manifestations should not be the exception. An ordinary gathering should not just be an exception, it should be abnormal.

If Jesus was here…

If Jesus was physically present in each of our gatherings, will you expect something remarkable to happen every time? But come to think of it... Is He here? Now that The Body of Christ is being unveiled, should we expect something to always happen? Now that we are in a dispensation of the Holy Spirit, should we expect much more? Now that the Lord is not limited to time and not confined to a geography, should we expect to hear of great exploits every time believers all over the world gather? Should we always expect something to happen? Absolutely yes! Jesus is here! The Holy Spirit is Here! Our love should be manifested as hope too.

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