Photo by Aditya Chinchure

Teach me to build line upon line
Show me to build precept upon precept
Not that I pull down one to erect the other
Not that I destroy one to lay the another

How can we walk in greater light 
If we had to turn down the other light
Do we need to turn down one for another
Do you not know together we’re brighter

If we put out the light of another
Just so we can shine better
Truly, we would be seen clearly
But we would not see clearer

If we pull others down to climb up
Truly, we would be higher than them
Truly, we would stand taller
But we would not rise higher

Pulling others down is destroying history
It’s destroying the meaning of the word ‘better’
Truly we would be the talk of the town
But would never be able to break new grounds

If we tear others apart to look better
Truly we would look better now
But we’re only competing with their past
Because they’ve looked better

Our purpose is to advance a cause
Not just to be in trending conversations
We need not start over again and again
We only need to build upon the foundation

Appreciate people for what they’ve done
Tell them how much they inspire you
Tell others about how great they are
That’s how to set the bar, a way to do better