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The Call

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Christianity isn’t just something we do
It is who we are and how we live
And it is in times like this
That the difference becomes clear

Christianity is not passive membership
It’s not routine attendance
It is a submission to Heaven’s rule
A devotion to Heaven’s government

We’re ambassadors of Heaven
We’re a government in a government
We submit first to God and then to kings
It may, but doesn’t always have to clash

We’re here because we are sent
We remain here only because He permits
But when the shofar sounds, we arise
We muster in our numbers and ranks

The earth has put structures in places
Expert advice in every other swipe
Government decrees every other day
All so that we’re all safe and healthy

The shofar has sounded, Heaven is calling
There is a new mission, a major one
It’s a mission in a mission — purpose
Not just to push the plague back, but to establish God’s will

It’s not a call to rebellion or anarchy
It’s just one more thing to do
An hour to wait, a prayer to make
A fort to hold, a word to proclaim

We have heard the experts speak
We’re taking every possible precaution
Now the Lord of Hosts speaks
Time to take our positions

First the Natural Series:

Part 1: The Outpour
Part 2: The Dilemma
Part 3: The Signal
Part 4: The Rain
Part 5: The Separation
Part 6: The Disposition
Part 7: The Call (You are here)
Part 8: The Aftermath
Part 9: The Silence
Part 10: The Rebirth



Merizo (gk: divide, apportion inheritance). We learn, live and love by truth. The word of God is quick and powerful. It is sharper than any two-edged sword. It can divide and distinguish between soul and spirit; good and God. It can apportion an inheritance for us in His will.

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Femi Senjobi

Femi Senjobi


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