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We break free from the realm of time
To a place where age is not a limit
Where night seasons are not a constraint
Where it is all day and no night
Where the day gets brighter and brighter
And peaks in perfection, not a cycle

We break free from the limitations of time
Where we don’t get weary while waiting
Where time does not take a toll on us
Where God’s word is ever new
Just as was when it was first spoken
Where our faith is strong and never fades

We break free from the boundaries of time
To a place, we do so much with so little
Where night never falls, and strength never wanes
Where we make the progress of a thousand years
Because to the Lord, it’s no different from a day
Where a minute with the Father is priceless

We rise beyond the horizons of time
To a place where all things are in the line of sight
Past, present, future; origin, purpose, destiny
Where we know beyond a doubt there is strength
Where the past can’t hold us down
Because it can change just as easily as the moment

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Merizo (gk: divide, apportion inheritance). We learn, live and love by truth. The word of God is quick and powerful. It is sharper than any two-edged sword. It can divide and distinguish between soul and spirit; good and God. It can apportion an inheritance for us in His will.

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Femi Senjobi

Celebrate Justification | Participate in Sanctification | Anticipate Glorification