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Digital Markets, MERJ Exchange and Liquid Network Join to Power Global Digital Securities Infrastructure

Toronto / New York, 7th October 2021

Digital Markets (DIGTL), a leading technology platform connecting issuers and investors to a network of global securities trading venues and MERJ Exchange (MERJ), a global securities market for the digital era, announced a new collaboration with the Liquid Network, a sidechain-based settlement network for the issuance of digital assets developed by Blockstream.

This collaboration leverages DIGTL’s technology and listing platform, MERJ’s exchange infrastructure and regulatory framework, and the Liquid Network blockchain for digital assets to provide issuers with the infrastructure needed to reach global retail investors compliantly. The three collaborators are aligned on building the financial infrastructure of the future by making investments more accessible to the world.

DIGTL’s platform will support and allow issuers to manage the issuance of digital securities on the Liquid Network and provide issuers with access to the services of a US SEC-registered transfer agent. Additionally, issuers can also manage their cap tables and ongoing reporting obligations for their MERJ listing. DIGTL has completed its integration with the Liquid Network and as a listing advisor, expects to issue the initial digital security for a MERJ listing in Q4 with several others to follow.

“We are excited to make the Liquid Network our preferred blockchain for IPOs and listings on MERJ,” said Kyle Fry, Chief Executive Officer at Digital Markets. “Issuers can now access and manage their share issuance on the Liquid Network and their exchange listing and trading on MERJ on our platform and investors can onboard from anywhere in the world directly through the issuer’s website with our technology. This collaboration is an important milestone in enabling efficient and compliant global digital securities trading for retail investors.”

MERJ operates a stock exchange, a central securities depository (CSD), and a clearing agency, the only exchange in the world with this end-to-end trade and post-trade infrastructure to support digital securities. MERJ will operate trade execution, maintain the shareholder registry on the Liquid Network and handle all post-trade activities including clearing and settling the transactions.

“Technology is key to digitize, disrupt, demonetize and democratize capital markets and with the Liquid Network and DIGTL’s platform we are bringing world-class technology partners and combining them with the highest regulatory standards.” explained Ed Tuohy, Chief Executive Officer at MERJ Exchange.

The Liquid Network will be the preferred blockchain for digital security issuance by DIGTL’s clients intending to list and trade on the MERJ Exchange. Since its launch, the Liquid Network has amassed more than $1.1 billion in network value and has seen impressive ecosystem growth with several platforms built on the sidechain.

“Collaborating with MERJ and DIGTL is another major step for the Liquid Network in driving the digital securities paradigm forward.” said Dr. Adam Back, Chief Executive Officer at Blockstream. “The issuance of securities on the Liquid Network is one of the main use cases that it was designed for, and being the preferred blockchain for DIGTL’s clients for direct listings, IPOs and trading on MERJ Exchange is very exciting.”.

As part of the collaboration, DIGTL and MERJ Exchange intend to become Liquid Network federation members, to take an active part in supporting and growing the fast growing Liquid ecosystem.

About Digital Markets

Digital Markets (DIGTL) connects the world’s best assets with global investors through a network of digital securities exchanges and alternative trading venues, allowing issuers to quickly access the world’s capital at a fraction of the cost, and providing investors with exciting investment opportunities.

Website: https://digtl.co/ | Twitter: https://twitter.com/digtlmarkets

About MERJ Exchange Limited

MERJ Exchange and its group collectively operate a complete set of regulated market infrastructure — spanning exchange, clearing, settlement, registry and depository services. Thanks to their vertically integrated operating model and robust regulatory framework, MERJ has become a respected innovator of the global securities markets.

Website: https://merj.exchange | Twitter: https://twitter.com/merjexchange

About the Liquid Network

The Liquid Network is a sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges, enabling faster, more confidential Bitcoin transactions and the issuance of digital assets. The Liquid Network is operated and managed by its federated members, ensuring the system has no single point of failure.

Website: liquid.net | Twitter: https://twitter.com/Liquid_BTC

About Blockstream

Blockstream is the global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain infrastructure. Blockstream Mining provides enterprise-class mining facilities for the collocation of Bitcoin mining operations. The Cryptocurrency Data Feed, developed in partnership with Intercontinental Exchange, delivers best-in-class real-time and historical exchange data. Blockstream Green is the world’s most advanced consumer Bitcoin wallet. Blockstream was founded in 2014, with offices and team members distributed around the world.

Website: https://blockstream.com | Twitter: https://twitter.com/blockstream



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