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MERJ Expands Trading Sessions to 20 Hours

Expanded trading sessions for MERJ participants.

We are delighted to announced that we have extended our trading sessions to 20 hours. The market is now open from 10am to 6am (Seychelles Time UTC+4).

It has always been a key part of the long term strategy to facilitate trading from around the world on a 24/7 basis. This is a significant step towards that goal.

These expanded hours give our market much greater crossover with Asian markets and cover the entire European and US trading sessions.

MERJ trading sessions in green illustrated for each UTC timezone (24h)

This is partly possible due to the innovative systems and processes in place at MERJ which not only support traditional markets, but also support natively digital securities. We have worked hard to adapt our integrated exchange, clearing and depository entities, and the technology stack that operates this business from end to end. A huge thank you to all the MERJ team members who have scoped the requirements and tested everything to ensure it is market ready.

MERJ Exchange is a multi-market global financial exchange, clearing house and securities depository. Our group is regulated to the highest global standards and operates the entire exchange and post-trade infrastructure from end to end. We are pioneering a shift in the global capital markets by combining the best of blockchain technology with regulated infrastructure.

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