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Going digital is bloody difficult

Full of fun, fire and faff

what the hell does digital mean?

oh god what are we doing

The context

Our Theory of Change

Our audiences are not as diverse as we’d like and our digital behaviour is not as effective as we’d like, which could lead to irrelevance, being left behind and, ultimately, not being sustainable.

Going agile

Digital Literacy

no time.

Digital literacy is difficult.


The most important thing this project gave us was time and capacity.

Involve your whole organisation in deciding what ‘digital’ means to you, and how it can help achieve your aims.

Invest in equipment. If you’re going to do digital content properly it has to look decent, but that doesn’t mean you need the Adobe suite and the best DSLR – very often, a mid-range smartphone camera and GIMP will do.

Take the time to attend conferences and training days, and don’t always send the same people. If you can afford neither, lurk on the Museums Computer Group list, follow people working in digital and social media on Twitter and read their blogs.

If you don’t have the expertise, look for it among your local residents, your stakeholders and your volunteers. Never be afraid to ask for help.

The work is never done. The most important thing to change is the mindset of yourself and your colleagues. Be adaptable, evaluative, iterative, collaborative and communicative.



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Adam Koszary

Formerly Programme Manager and Digital Lead for The Museum of English Rural Life and Reading Museum. Now something else. https://adamkoszary.co.uk