Enter the future of logistics-technology with Moovaz

Denise Yeo
Apr 1, 2018 · 1 min read

Technological advancements have greatly altered our lifestyle; today you can browse an online fashion store in Thailand, use advanced AI data analytics to find the best fitting dress, pay across borders without having to count your cash and have the dress delivered to your doorstep. All of those steps require little human intervention, except the last step — delivery to your doorstep. Just take the packaging for example, when you receive your package, do you notice how much handwritten scribbles are inscribed on the packaging? With deep technologies permeating more aspects of the value chain, handwritten scribbles and other traces of manual effort are greatly out of place. I had the pleasure of speaking with Lee Junxian; co-founder of Moovaz, to learn more about how his company is harnessing technology to provide fuss-free international relocation logistics.

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