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IDO Wrap Up & What to expect next

DEX features and marketing strategy will put Merrymen one step ahead of the competition

Merrymen has recently concluded its successful Public Round IDO on the Genesis Pool launchpad. After an overwhelmingly oversubscribed whitelist, and only 1 round of funding, the entirety of the $560,000 target was raised.

“We are incredibly thankful to the Genesis Pool team & community for an incredibly successful and seamless IDO!”

— Crypto Vlad

Why Genesis Pool?

The Merrymen team firmly believe that Genesis Pool fully shares the core values at Merrymen; by not allocating the highest tier of IDO investments in upcoming IDOs to whales and/or Venture Capital firms, but to the average retail investor. This dynamic is unparalleled in the crypto launchpad space. Genesis Pool has already launched 10 successful IDO’s, proving that empowered retail investors are in fact better investors than money-hungry crypto whales.

Public Raise Metrics

As explained in the official tokenomics article, 30% of Merrymen’s total supply has been allocated to our public raise. There will be no seed/private rounds of funding.

Out of the entire Max Supply of 500m Merrymen tokens, only 30% (150m tokens), will be circulating upon launch. Out of the remaining 70% of Merrymen’s supply, the majority will be vested for a number of months before being released. In all, the initial market cap will be just under $600,000, leaving enormous potential for upside and growth for Merrymen.

Learn more about Merrymen’s tokenomics and token distribution.

Further IDO details

Target Raise: $560,000
Price per token: $0,00373
Allocation amount: $500-$1000
Allocation Type: Public Round
Vesting Period: 33.4% TGE, 33.3% distributed monthly for 2 months

Looking forward

Post IDO, Merrymen will concentrate its efforts on putting the IDO momentum to use, and growing the community & ecosystem as a whole as much as possible.


DEX features will begin being integrated soon after stage 1 is live. Farming will be the first, offering huge APY to token holders who become liquidity providers on the DEX. Merrymen is a cross chain DEX, therefore it will eventually operate throughout several networks, to accommodate investors from different communities and make them come together within the ecosystem.

One of the most awaited features, the unique mobile DEX App, will launch its beta version in the first half of 2022. With plans to be officially listed on the main operating system’s respective app stores in Q2 2022. Sneak peaks and testing will be readily available during the first weeks of Q1 2022.


The team has already secured an aggressive campaign set to begin immediately post — IDO, including every avenue available in traditional crypto marketing (Influencers, AMAs, PR, etc), as well as some incredible unconventional marketing tools.

More information on this coming very soon!

With Merrymen’s mobile app rolling out in 2022, marketing will be paramount to ensure enormous visibility and attention surrounding the release. We are glad to announce that the aggressive marketing campaign in Q4 will be a warm up for our 2022 campaign, which will be significantly magnified to fit this purpose.

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